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World War Z Overview Trailer Details AI Director, Unlocking Difficulty Settings, Replayability, Co-op Campaign

Saber Interactive rolled out a new gameplay video for World War Z. This time they decided to focus on the co-op campaign mode, giving gamers an overview of the different characters you’ll play, the class types, and the locations you’ll visit.

The two minute and 40 second video attempts to briskly go over the core concept of each of the maps, and the key campaign objectives you’ll need to complete in order to progress to the next mission.

You can check out the video overview for World War Z below.

You’ll have five different options to select from in the Episode menu. This includes a quickplay option where you can just jump into a game and start blasting away at zombies, or you can choose from one of the four major campaign maps, including:

  • Episode 1: New York
  • Episode 2: Jerusalem
  • Episode 3: Moscow
  • Episode 4: Tokyo

Each episode contains three chapters each, so in total you get to play through 12 missions.

Much like Valve’s Left 4 Dead series you’ll have to contend with a challenge-variant AI system based on how you play. If you’re really good and breezing through the game, using team tactics and stealth, the AI director will ramp up the difficulty significantly to give you a challenge. If you’re reckless and Rambo-like, the AI director will modify the system so that the game becomes more of a tower defense title rather than a action-survival scenario.

In theory it sounds cool, but how cool this feature is will be entirely dependent on its execution.

Additionally, there are skill trees for each character class that you can unlock after completing a chapter in each episode. It’s very similar to Payday 2’s setup, where you apply skill points into each character class, which carries over into other episodes.

The game’s replayability comes into focus with the difficulty settings. After beating the game on the base difficulty, you’ll be able to unlock harder difficulty settings, which will require higher level classes and higher grade weapons, which you’ll be able to unlock by completing more chapters. The game includes Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Insane options.

The feedback loop for unlocking new gear to unlock new difficulty settings to unlock new gear, could help give the game some legs to stand on as far as replayability is concerned, but all of that will be dependent on how fun the actual game is.

You can look for World War Z to launch April 16th on PS4, Xbox One, and on the Epic Games Store for PC. I was considering picking up a digital copy of the game on Steam for PC, but since it’s going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the next year I guess they’ll just miss out on a sale.

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