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DC Universe Online Set To Arrive On Nintendo Switch This Summer

Daybreak Game Company’s DC Universe Online is still trucking ahead. The game may have closed up shop on the PS3 but it will be making its debut on the Nintendo Switch this summer.

After originally releasing back in 2011, the MMO super hero game garnered a solid following while competing with Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online. Both games offered a unique take on the super hero genre, but I think Champions Online captured the look and feel of a comic book brought to life, along wit having a really in-depth hero creation suite. DC Universe Online had an interesting combat system that almost played out like an action RPG instead of a typical Tab-targeting MMO.

The creation suite was okay but seemed to lack the depth and nuance offered up by some of its nearest competitors. You could still make some decent heroes and villains in DC Universe Online, and at the end of the day it had a pretty cool hero/villain PvP dynamic that sometimes made traveling and exploration feel dynamic. Well, all of that will be invading the Nintendo Switch this summer.

The trailer doesn’t delve much into the gameplay or features, but the press release explains that there will be 300 DC characters featured in the game, playable both in TV mode and portable mode.

The base game will come with the locations Gotham City, Metropolis, Titans Island, Themyscira, Atlantis, and the Justice League Tower to name a few.

They were coy to mention any of the Switch specific features, assuming there are any. No mention of HD Rumble support or touchscreen facilitation, although I’m sure some of those features will be incorporated upon release.

I wonder if they will include the previously released DLC or the extra powers/costumes or quests as well? Typically when a platform receives an ongoing game late they get all of the accompanying DLC packed in as well, but that’s not really covered in the press release. It does note that you can hop into the game with a premium monthly membership fee of $14.99 or you can stick with the free-to-play version with limited content access.

Anyway, they expect to roll out more info heading into its summer release. To stay up on the info being made available for the game feel free to visit the official DC Universe Online website.

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