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1478121cookie-checkHero Hei Defeats Anime News Network’s False Copyright Strike

Hero Hei Defeats Anime News Network’s False Copyright Strike

With the help of Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta, YouTuber Hero Hei was able to defeat the false copyright strike against his account that was filed by Anime News Network.

Hei posted a victory tweet, thanking people for having supported him during the trials and tribulations brought upon by the anti-Vic Mignogna members of Anime News Network.

Hero Hei also received plenty of support from the #IstandWithVic crowd, who spread around the awareness of the copyright strike and did their part to stand against Anime News Network’s intentions.

It all started back on April 25th, 2019 when Christophe Macdonald, the CEO of Anime News Network, filed a copyright strike against Hero Hei’s channel.


Because of a Vic Mignogna interview ANN conducted with the voice actor from back in 2013 that Hero Hei discussed in a livestream.

The video was removed after being hit with the copyright strike by Anime News Network, as indicated by the archive.

The strike prevented Hero from being able to livestream on his channel, greatly inhibiting his financial income from his YouTube channel. In order to fight the strike he would have had to file an appeal, which would have required doxing himself. However, lawyer Nick Rekieta came to his aid by filling out the appeal for Hero Hei, so the YouTuber didn’t have to dox himself to fight the claim.

Filing a dispute for a copyright strike means that the claimant who filed the strike either has to repel the strike or take it to court. Obviously Anime News Network didn’t seem terribly comfortable fighting the copyright strike in court, so they forfeited the claim.

This epic failure from Anime News Network opened up a prime opportunity for Rekieta to throw a little shade their way after successfully helping Hero Hei remove the strike and get his channel back.

This is just another blow against the #KickVic group who not only decided to target voice actor Vic Mignogna, but also go after those who attempted to get the truth out there and fight back against the calumny being spread by media outlets.

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