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1477670cookie-checkTravis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Announced For PS4 And PC

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Announced For PS4 And PC

Grasshopper Manufacture and Marvelous Entertainment released Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch on January 18th, 2019, as an exclusive. However, that exclusivity will end sometime soon when the game in question hits PS4 and PC.

That’s right, Travis Strikes Again is no longer Switch-exclusive. The game that isn’t a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle but stands as a “fresh start” for the character Travis Touchdown will make its way to PS4 and PC. Sadly, no word on the former and latter platform dates have been confirmed.

The information on this news comes from Grasshopper Manufacture, where they announced it at Momocon 2019 and on Twitter:

If you don’t know, Travis Strikes Again sees the protagonist Mr. Touchdown wielding the Beam Katana once more to massacre his way through countless enemies, taking on ferocious bosses in an “epic battle” with the father of Badgirl.

In addition to the story, the game is set in the countryside of the southern U.S., where seven years have passed since the events of No More Heroes. Badman has come to get his revenge on Travis for the murder of his daughter — Badgirl.

As the two settle scores once and for all, they’re sucked inside the “phantom game console” named Death Drive MK-II. This machine developed by Doctor Juvenile is said to grant the wishes of whoever collects and beats all six of its games.

Sounds interesting? If so, if you have the Sony policy station or you prefer to game on PC, then you can look forward to playing the hack-and-slash game later this year or next year.

Fans looking forward to this game branching out of exclusivity and on to other platforms can keep up with Grasshopper Manufacture’s official Twitter account on all things Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes by hitting up the given link.

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