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Xbox Game Pass Is Coming To Windows PC

Microsoft continues to diversify its entertainment offerings, this week announcing that a version of Xbox Game Pass is heading to Windows PC.

In a recent statement from Microsoft’s executive VP of gaming, Phil Spencer, it was explained that the Xbox Game Pass program for PC will operate in similar fashion to its console cousin. The program will offer a “curated library” of more than 100 PC games, though you shouldn’t expect that list to be identical to the one found on Xbox One. Still, it was revealed that more than 75 developers and publishers are working with Microsoft to bring more content to the program, including the likes of Paradox Interactive, Deep Silver, Bethesda, Devolver Digital and Sega.

Also, Microsoft will be putting its own weight behind the new Game Pass program, making more games available on PC including offerings from their recently-acquired developers, such as inXile and Obsidian. And just like over on the Xbox, Microsoft’s offerings will join the PC Game Pass library the same day the game launches.

A price plan has not been announced yet, nor has a launch date. There’s also no word on whether or not subscribing to Game Pass on the Xbox will grant access to Game Pass on the PC. Or maybe they’ll offer a new tier of subscription that gets you both at a discounted price over buying them separately. Also, obviously, we have no idea what games are actually included yet.

The good news is that E3 is just a couple of weeks away with Microsoft set to host a conference on June 9. That’s also when they plan to offer more details about Game Pass on the PC.

On a final note, subscribers will also gain access to discounts on games purchased through the Microsoft Store, if that’s a place you like to shop. Deals include up to 20 percent off games currently in the library and 10 percent off DLC.

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