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1485510cookie-checkHardcore Mecha 2D Action Title Goes Live June 26th On Steam, June 27th On PS4

Hardcore Mecha 2D Action Title Goes Live June 26th On Steam, June 27th On PS4

Rocket Punch and Arc System Works dropped a brand new trailer for the Flash-animated, hand-drawn mech game, Hardcore Mecha. The story trailer doesn’t really put the characters or overall plot into a convenient cup of easily digestible story stew, but it does attempt to introduce gamers to some of the key players, the overarching conflict, and the release date, which is set for June 26th, 2019 at the end of the month on Steam for PC and a day later on June 27th in Japan for PS4.

The game is like a mix of Cybernator meets Metal Assault with a dash of Gundam, all set within a hand-animated, 2D playscape of destruction and mechanized mayhem.

You can check out the second story trailer below, which details how a group sent to recover a missing operative turns into a far more complicated, dangerous, and violent affair than they bargained for.

The game seems to be structured with the sort of story-heavy elements of espionage, betrayal, and political intrigue one might find from a Hideo Kojima game.

There’s a bevy of characters that players will encounter as they traverse through the single-player campaign mode featuring the unraveling chaos and tension surrounding a mercenary for hire who gets caught between unscrupulous forces doused in a deluge of amoral pursuits.

Hardcore Mecha - Boss

In addition to the game’s cinematic heavy story mode, there’s also a robust multiplayer PvP mode included as well.

One of the neat aspects of the multiplayer is that they include different types of mechs representing different types of mech-styles. This includes American-style mechs like Mechwarrior, mobile powersuits, anime-style mechs, alien mechs, realistic mechs, and Super mechs.

Hardcore Mecha - Sniper

Another neat feature is that when your mech is about ready to bite the dust you’ll be able to eject on foot and attempt to deal some last-ditch-effort damage as the pilot. Much like Mech Assault the pilots are really weak but can dish out some moderate damage if you plan your attacks right.

Hardcore Mecha will launch in Japan on June 27th for the PS4 but it will unlock on Steam starting June 26th, a day earlier. So keep your eye on the Steam store page for the countdown to end and for the game to go live.

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