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1484250cookie-checkMy Friend Pedro By Devolver Digital Is Out Now On Steam And Nintendo Switch

My Friend Pedro By Devolver Digital Is Out Now On Steam And Nintendo Switch

My Friend Pedro, the latest offering from Devolver Digital, is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch right now. You can pick up either the Switch or Steam version for $19.99. However, you will get 15% off if you purchase it on Steam before July 9th 2019.

Devovler Digital has released many bloody, over the top, action filled games in the past, so this game has a lot to live up to. Judging by the hype train and launch trailers, I would say it will deliver in every way conceivable. This game will feature all the blood and guts on the family friendly Nintendo Switch. This is something I couldn’t imagine would have ever happened as Nintendo used to censor blood on the SNES.

Now, if the name My Friend Pedro sounds familiar it might be because this is the third DeadToast game to use that in the title. MFP: My Friend Pedro was originally a Flash game released by DeadToast in 2014. It was even part of the game offerings on Adult Swim. This Flash game was a 2D side scrolling action shooter that featured a ton of bullets and blood. The current My Friend Pedro is something of an update of this game with much better graphics, sounds, music, and animated cut scenes. Additionally, DeadToast has added some puzzles and chase sequences to break up the constant barrage of blood and guts.

The second game to bear the My Friend Pedro moniker was My Friend Pedro: Arena, another Flash game also released in 2014. This took the My Friend Pedro formula and put it inside 6 different arena rooms. I hope to see a version of this game included with My Friend Pedro. If not as a mini game, then hopefully as free DLC. Although, if priced at a reasonable rate I could see myself paying for an arena mode add on.

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