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Alinity’s Cheating Nontroversy

Dexerto, the world’s largest provider of esports and new age entertainment news, videos and live broadcasting, recently ran an article about Alinity. The article’s title, TimTheTatman catches Alinity “stream sniping” in Apex Legends tournamentis a contender for worst click-bait of 2019. You see, while the headline is accurate, it isn’t exactly correct. Let’s take a quick look at just what the hell happened, why Dexerto is trying to make it into a big deal, and why you should care.

Twitch held the Apex Legends Twitch Prime Crown Cup on July 13, 2019. Alinity took part in the tournament alongside celebrities and other Twitch streamers. Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar was tapped to host as well as take part in the event. For, some reason, participants were allowed to remain where they were instead of moving whenever teams changed. This oddity in the rules allowed players of opposite teams to wind up sitting next to each other.

Finding herself next to two of her opponents, Alinity decided to take a peak at their screens and relay the information she learned to her teammates. Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar noticed what she was doing and started reprimanding her verbally and calling for security to remove her. However, it is obvious to anyone who watches the clip of the cheating, that TimTheTatman was merely playing to the cameras. If you want to see the clip without going to Dexerto then you can see it at LiveStreamFails. That said, after looking into this issue, I discovered that several other streamers had done the same thing to no outrage.

So that anchors the question, why would Dexerto highlight Alinity’s action for their article? Hate clicks.

It is no secret that Alinity is one of the most hated people on Twitch at the moment and an article with a title like the one they used is sure to draw a ton of attention. I have already seen a few threads pop up on Reddit and noticed some YouTubers comment on it.

So, why should you care? Alinity cheated sure but so had others in this very casual tournament.

Well, you should care because I’m sure this is just the start of another “poor Alinity” media push. The media knows exactly how you will react to seeing an Alinity cheating scandal and you better believe they are salivating over the thought of grabbing a few quotes to build articles around.

This has been the dance the gaming journalist have been doing since GamerGate, but to be quite honest my feet are killing me. So, let’s not dance anymore and deprive Alinity and the media the attention they so desperately crave.

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