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1495760cookie-checkHeroland, Quirky Theme-Park JRPG Will Retail For $49.99 On PS4, Nintendo Switch

Heroland, Quirky Theme-Park JRPG Will Retail For $49.99 On PS4, Nintendo Switch

FuRyu Corporation, XSeed Games, and Marvelous announced that pre-orders for Heroland have gone live and that the quirky, 3D JRPG for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch will launch this fall at retail outlets for $49.99 as a day one “Knowble Edition”, with pre-orders being available both from the XSeed Games Store and other participating retailers, while a digital version of the game will be available both from the Nintendo eShop and the PlayStation Store for $39.99.

Heroland will rightfully be cheaper via digital distribution, but hands down if you get any version of any game on home consoles it better be the physical release.

The “Knowble Edition” of the game will feature a physical copy of the game for the PS4 or Switch, along with a 10.5” x 6” drawstring pouch, a selected soundtrack audio CD, a 14” x 20” theme park foldable map, and a sumo wrestling papercraft.

That’s not bad for being cheaper than the typical $60 AAA title that comes with nothing but a disc in the box and no booklet.

As for Heroland, the game itself is quite unique.

It debuted at this year’s E3, basically to an underwhelming showcase due to being overshadowed by far worse games, but the core concept is that you play as wannabe heroes who venture to a theme park where they have an opportunity to become a legendary hero. This includes venturing through dungeons, exploring fantasy lands, and interacting with a unique cast of characters.

The game reminds me of Earthbound meets Undertale meets Nintendoland.

I suppose that cross-combination of eclectic titles makes more sense when you take into consideration that it was directed by Takahiro Yamane of Fantasy Life fame and written by Legend of Mana and Mother 3 alumni, Nobuyuki Inoue. The very obvious and undeniable whimsy of the design and quirky collection of unlikely heroes definitely seems like something that would feel right at home on a Nintendo console.

You can look for Heroland to launch this fall for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. For more info feel free to visit the official XSeed Games website.

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