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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Animation Studio Reportedly To Help With Halo: Infinite

In a new report that has hit the internet, it claims the studio known as Sperasoft, which has worked on the controversial Mass Effect: Andromeda animations, will be helping 343 Industries on Halo: Infinite. The 2020 game that will launch on the next-generation Xbox will receive help from Sperasoft in the animation department.

Having played Halo 5: Guardians for free, I can say that the story mode was and still is a mess. I can see where people can invest time in the multiplayer side of things, but the game as a whole needed to be much better if 343 wanted the fifth installment to stand the test of times.

With that said, it looks like both Microsoft and 343 are planning on making the forthcoming title in the Halo franchise something to remember… except the animations might be a thing burned into the minds of fans for all the wrong reasons.

According to website, the publication site says that Sperasoft is aiding 343 with Halo Infinite’s animations, but the bulk of animations is still under the former in-house team. In other words, Sperasoft is pretty much doing assistant work on the fifth installment.

If you’re unaware of Sperasoft’s work, the studio has collaborated with several studios on AAA productions in the past such as Electronic Arts’ FIFA games and BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda. Additionally, YouTuber Fine Leather Bean has a compilation (with a touch of satire) showing off Sperasoft’s work:

I’m not sure how this will go down at launch. Either will see decent facial animations, or we’ll have another Mass Effect: Andromeda on hands. Time will tell.

Anyway, Halo: Infinite is set to launch sometime in Q4 2020 for PC via the Windows Store, Xbox One, and the next-gen Xbox. And lastly, a series of pre-launch betas is said to be in the works that will hit the Xbox family of consoles first.

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