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BioShock Remastered Cheats Sports Unlimited Adam, Eve, and God Mode

2K Games’ BioShock Remastered was the publisher’s attempt to make a few bucks without putting in any real work. The re-release dropped for the PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam for PC back in 2016, but there has been a steady increase in the availability and updates for cheat trainers rolled out for BioShock Remastered.

The first cheat trainer is available from over on Mr. Antifun.

The trainer contains the following BioShock Remastered cheats:

Unlimited Health

One-Hit Kills

Unlimited EVE

Unlimited Items

Unlimited Ammo

The trainer was just recently updated to accommodate the latest updates for the game.

The trainer features everything you could want out of a cheating utility, giving you access to unlimited ADAM, super speed, extra jump height, and the ability to instantly kill alarms to reduce the presence of reinforcements.

Since the trainer is free and updated, it’s definitely your best bet in terms of using a free tool to get done what you need to get done.

There is another free trainer available for download over on

The trainer features the following cheats for BioShock Remastered:

Unlimited Health

Player Speed

Jump Height

One-Hit Kills

Instant Kill Alarm

It sports all the same cheats as the one from Mr. Antifun but it hasn’t been updated quite as frequently as the Mr. Antifun trainer. Additionally, the Mr. Antifun cheat only works with the Steam version of BioShock Remastered.

Even still, if you have the WeMod trainer it’s still cool enough to get done what you need to get done in the game.

There’s another free and premium trainer available for download from over on

The trainer sports the following BioShock Remastered cheats:


1,000 Money

Infinite ammo and injections

Infinite Eve

No reload


The free version of the trainer allows you to make use of the free money cheat, so you can have as much money as you want to buy whatever you want.

The rest of the cheats require premium membership to make use of, including the god mode and infinite Adam.

There’s another trainer that’s available to download, but it’s a premium trainer from over on Cheat Happens.

The BioShock Remastered cheat trainer features the following options:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Eve



Unlimited Ammo/Items

The trainer sports some of the options that the other trainers have but with the added ability to unlock all the gene slots. Unfortunately, the trainer does require a premium membership, which is probably a drawback to most people.

Even still, the options available are enough to give you a sizable advantage over the AI while you’re rocking and rolling through Rapture.

You can grab a digital copy of BioShock Remastered right now from the digital storefronts, including the Steam store.

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