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Farmer’s Dynasty Cheats Give You Infinite Money, Never Hungry

One of the weirdest games I’ve ever encountered is Toplitz Productions and UMEO Studios’ Farmer’s Dynasty. Why is it weird? Because instead of being a standard farming sim, you play the life of a farmer, toiling to make your farm into an enterprise, all while trying to romance and woo the local ladies so you can get married, pop out a kid, and live the life of a king over a farming dynasty. As I said, it’s weird.

However, despite the peculiarity of the premise, it’s also a very popular game, and for some reason, a lot of people have been wanting some updated cheats for Farmer’s Dynasty, and some have been made available.

The first cheat trainer is free to download from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The trainer contains the following cheats for Farmer’s Dynasty:

Reset Hunger

Reset Sleep

Unlimited Items

Add 5K Money

Add 1K Social Points

So the basic cheats from Mr. Antifun guarantee that you’ll be wealthy, well-liked, and you don’t have to worry about growing hungry or tired.

The trainer was just very recently updated, so it matches the latest patch for Farmer’s Dynasty, meaning that you shouldn’t have any troubles getting it to work with your version of the game.

There’s a second free trainer available for download from over on WeMod.

The trainer contains the following Farmer’s Dynasty cheats:

Reset Hunger

Reset Sleep

Unlimited Items

Add 5K Money

Add 1K Social Points

Just like the Mr. Antifun trainer, this trainer was very recently updated after the last major patch for the game. This means you can either use this trainer or the Mr. Antifun trainer to give yourself infinite amounts of money and social status.

I’m sure some of you are wishing you could make use of this in real life, eh? Get infinite social status, bag yourself a gold digger like Bella Hadid or a selfish, spoiled brat like Scarlett Johansson… just until she hits the wall. Top it off with a Maserati and a Bugatti and you’re all set, eh?

Well, that ain’t happening, ace.

The next trainer is available from over on

The Farmer’s Dynasty trainer features the following cheats:

+500 Money

+1,000 Social Points

+5,000 Social Points

Reset Social Points

+1,000 Money

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There are some useful cheats, some useless cheats, and some very useless cheats. So let’s start with the useful ones first. The free portion of the trainer allows you to rack up infinite amounts of money, which is super useful. You don’t need a premium membership to make use of that bad boy.

You will need a premium membership to get the item multiplier or instant access to $50,000. Those are on the upper end.

Now if you’re some kind of man, there are cheats that can ruin your reputation and take your money away, basically what you might consider to be a #MeToo cheat. Although, is it really a cheat if you lose everything? I would consider that more of a curse.

Speaking of premium trainers… there’s one from Cheat Happens.

This trainer contains the following cheat options for Farmer’s Dynasty:

Unlimited Items

Change Money

Change Social Points

Super Speed

Reset Condition

What’s weird here is that the premium trainer contains the same or fewer features than the free ones. I don’t really see what the benefit would be of entertaining this particular option, but if you have a lifetime membership with Cheat Happens already, then it wouldn’t hurt to grab the trainer for the game.

Last but not least is a cheat table available for the Cheat Engine courtesy of Fearless Revolution.

The Farmer’s Dynasty cheats available in the table are listed below:

Max Food

Max Sleep

Infinite Items

Infinite Fuel

Add Money

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These are all great options, especially since the cheat table is free. All you have to do is load it up and have a go at it.

You get infinite money and fuel, as well as the social points and the ability to not have to eat or sleep. Now what’s interesting is that the cheat table offers you something you don’t get from any of the other trainers: the ability to teleport.

Now obviously this is a dangerous cheat to make use of, and it’s probably only wise to use it at the start of the game to get a handle on how to use it before using it on a saved game and you end up teleporting into an area you don’t want to be, sort of like all those young girls who ended up on Epstein Island.

Anyway, Farmer’s Dynasty is available right now over at the Steam store for $24.99. If you wanted to cheat in the game feel free to use all the trainers and tables above to your heart’s content, and maybe with a little scraping off the corners and less-than-hard work, you could become the Donald Trump of the farming industry.