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Kill La Kill IF Cheats Sport Infinite HP, Infinite Stamina

Arc System Works and Aplus Games’ Kill La Kill IF rolled out for PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch during the summer. It featured a basic story mode, local versus, online versus, and some challenge features. The modes are about as bare as the female characters, so there’s not a lot to do, but some cheats might make the experience a little more enticing for those of you looking to spruce up the fighting game experience.

The first cheat trainer is available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following Kill La Kill IF cheats:

Unlimited Player Health

Unlimited Special Attacks

Easy Kills Weak

Enemy Special Attacks

Unlimited GP

Originally the trainer came out and was quickly outdated following some post-launch patches, but after some tweaks and updates, the Cheat Happens trainer was brought up to par and now works with the latest version of the game.

There’s a second set of cheats available via a quickly put-together cheat table for the Cheat Engine, but it’s only for the IGG version of Kill La Kill -IF for now. You can grab the cheat table from over on Fearless Revolution.

The table contains the following cheats for Kill La Kill IF:

Infinite HP

Infinite HP + One-Hit Kill

Infinite Stamina

GP Pointer

The cheats work in offline play within the single-player mode. They didn’t mention if it’s a viable tool for the online play, but unless you want to take an unwelcoming and unflattering trip to makeout mountain with a little ruffian known as VAC ban, you probably want to steer clear of using the trainers or cheat tables while you play online.

Kill La Kill IF - Upskirt

It’s a shame, though, because Kill La Kill IF had potential but it’s just too skimpy, and not in the right areas. Well, certain areas are definitely light on the clothing and top-notch on the cheesecake, but that’s just not enough to justify the pricey $60 asking price, especially on places like Steam.

Even still if you already own the game then you can get your hands on the cheats right now. Hopefully, some modders get frisky with the game and create something a little more enticing to keep gamers coming back for more.