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Sudden Strike 4 Cheats Enable God Mode, Unlimited Fuel

Sudden Strike 4 Cheats – Kite Games and Kalypso Media’s Sudden Strike 4 is one of the few real-time strategy games this past generation that has managed to really capture the heart and feel of a historical World War II battle from all sides. That’s right, you get to play as the Allies or the Axis, something that many other politically motivated studios forbid.

However, it’s through the inclusion of these options that gamers have found themselves having fallen in love with Kite Games’ RTS title for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and for those of you who are still in love with the game, there are some updated Sudden Strike 4 cheat trainers available for you to peruse.

The first trainer is available for download for free from over on Mr. Antifun’s forum.

The Sudden Strike 4 cheats available in the trainer are listed below:


No Track Damage

No Engine Damage

Unlimited Ammo AP

Unlimited Ammo HE

The trainer was recently updated to accommodate the latest patch for Sudden Strike 4, so you should be able to make use of the trainer with no problems.

Now the highlight of this specific trainer is that it focuses on a lot of the tank-side of the battle, with unlimited ammo and infinite health provided for your units. It’s not the perfect trainer, but a free trainer means you don’t lose a thing for giving this bad boy a test run. If it’s to your liking, great.

If it’s not? Oh well, move on to the next one… just like marriage.

There’s a second cheat trainer available for download from over on

This Sudden Strike 4 cheats trainer features the following cheats:

Infinite prestige

Infinite fuel

No prestige skill cooldown


Infinite ammo

Now this specific trainer allows you to make use of god mode on all your units. This Sudden Strike 4 cheats god mode basically works like many others, meaning that your unit will not take damage so long as the damage they take does not exceed their maximum health. So there’s somewhat of a caveat here to the god mode cheat.

However, the MegaDev trainer has some slightly more unique features in terms of being able to give your units high-sight range, so that they can see farther than what they could before. This is useful if you don’t want to cheat too badly, but you need your units to see through the fog of war during a specific segment. The rapid fire cheat combined with the infinite ammo would also work as a very unique combination.

If the cheats from the MegaDev trainer aren’t enough for you, there’s also the trainer from WeMod.

The trainer sports the following Sudden Strike 4 cheats:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Fuel

Unlimited Prestige

It’s a simple batch of Sudden Strike 4 Cheats but they’re all freely available and you don’t have to worry about any premium memberships affecting the availability of those cheats.

The trainer was also recently updated to match the most recently released version of Sudden Strike, which made a number of fixes and compatibility updates to the overall gameplay.

If you’re willing to cop to a premium membership, you can gain access to the trainer at Cheat Happens.

The Sudden Strike 4 Cheats trainer features the following cheat options:

Super HP

Weak HP

Massive Skirmish Reinforcement Points

Give All Campaign Disciplines

Unlimited Ammo/Items

So this is an interesting trainer because in addition to the basic health, ammo and fuel Sudden Strike 4 cheats, you also have access to removing the fog of war, which is really useful if you want to plan out the battle based on every unit already on the field. It makes it more like a traditional encounter not unlike the more opened up skirmish maps in Company of Heroes.

The trainer from Cheat Happens was also recently updated, just like the other trainers, so it should work with the latest DLC expansions and updates available for Sudden Strike 4.

Last but not least is a free cheat table for the Cheat Engine, which you can get from Fearless Revolution.

The table features the following cheats for Sudden Strike 4:

God Mode

Full Unit Resources

Infinite Fuel

Infinite Ammo

Minimum Prestige

So you gain access to all the basics from the other trainers, such as invincibility and infinite ammo and fuel, but it also sports the unit range sight, which will reduce the fog of war, and it has the ability to reduce reload times and increase fire rates. So basically everything you would need to own your opponents on the battlefield.

There is, however, a silver lining to the Cheat Engine tables: they only work for the current version of the game that the table was made for. If the game is updated or modified with a patch, the tables are likely to stop working. So that’s something to take into consideration when using the Cheat Engine compared to the other trainers, which are oftentimes designed with some measure of future proofing.

Anyway, it should go without saying that whether you’re using the cheats in the PC version of the game or on a modded PS4 or Xbox One, you will absolutely want to avoid playing with the cheats online, lest you find yourself VAC banned on Steam, or your Gamertag banned from Xbox Live, or your PSN ID banned from the PlayStation Network.

So remember, always cheat responsibly!

For more info on Sudden Strike 4, feel free to visit the official Kalypso Media website.