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Unturned Cheats Give You Unlimited XP, God Mode

Smartly Dressed Games’ Unturned is probably one of the most popular games you ever heard of. It’s a lot like the Roblox craze, where gamers have been playing it for years but in a bunch of circles where it doesn’t receive much media attention. Well, regardless of whether you’ve heard of this zombie survival game or not, there have been some updates to the cheat trainers for the first-person shooter, and if you’re interested in exploiting those trainers for your own personal gain, you can definitely do so right at this very moment.

The first trainer is available for free from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The trainer features the following Unturned cheats:

Infinite Health

Infinite Stamina

Infinite Food

Infinite Water

No Radiation

The trainer was updated earlier in the year but should work fine for most of your needs. It features all the basics you could want, from infinite health and stamina to infinite food and water. So your basic survival needs are covered from top to bottom.

The only thing it’s missing is infinite ammo and infinite health for your vehicle, but don’t worry… there are other trainers available that cover those aspects.

Another free trainer is available for download over on WeMod.

The trainer features the following cheat options for Unturned:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Stamina

Unlimited Oxygen

No Sickness

No Bleeding

This trainer features a few more options such as the ability to add experience to your character, as well as immunities to bleeding, sickness, and broken bones.

To make this trainer even more enticing is the fact that it was recently updated to match the most recent patches for Unturned, so all of the cheats should work, and the compatibility for the trainer has been improved overall.

There’s another free and premium trainer available for download over on

This trainer features 10 of the following cheats for Unturned:

Infinite stamina

Infinite oxygen

No virus infection

Infinite water

Infinite food

The free options in the trainer includes the infinite stamina, which allows you to sprint, attack, and move about without worrying about slowing down or being impeded by that pesky thing known as conditioning.

The other options require a premium membership, but they include all the basic cheat functions such as god mode and infinite battery, along with some other useful options such as infinite fuel for your car, and infinite car health for when your vehicle gets attacked. So that’s definitely something to consider depending on your play-style.

Last but not least is a trainer from Cheat Happens.

This premium trainer only has the following Unturned cheats available:

Super Health

Reset Hunger

Reset Thirst

Reset Radiation

Super Stamina

I have to say that this would probably be your least viable option as far as trainers are concerned only because it doesn’t have half as many options as the others, isn’t quite as up-to-date, and still requires a premium purchase to acquire it.

Out of them all, the MegaDev trainer is probably your best bet if you’re frequently driving and traveling around in the game. Alternatively, you may as well stick with the WeMod trainer since it’s free.

And speaking of free… Unturned is currently available as a free-to-play title over on the Steam store page.

It’s essentially Roblox meets Minecraft with zombies. So yeah… five-year-olds and the mentally challenged will love this game.

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