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Call of Duty Mobile – Best FPS Free Mobile Game

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the games that FPS lovers have been waiting for is finally officially released. Call of Duty which is an AAA-type game is getting an adaptation to the Mobile version.

Of course, this game can be enjoyed on both platforms, both Android and iOS. With graphics that really spoil the eye. We have played the game Call of Duty Mobile this time and will share the review with all of you readers. Come on, just take a look at the review!

Call of Duty Mobile FPS Game with Best Graphics!

For veteran gamers, you must be familiar with the Call of Duty Franchise with its eye-catching graphics. This FPS game has become a mandatory game for console gamers. Interestingly, even though it’s entered into Mobile, this game still doesn’t disappoint, the HD and beautiful graphics can spoil the eyes of both veteran and new gamers.


In addition, the graphics are fairly stable in the lobby and the game, making us feel like playing the PC version of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the risk of games with high graphics is that they are not friendly with potato phones.

Complete Features and Weapon Upgrades

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One of the highlights of Call of Duty Mobile is that you can attach attachments to your weapons to increase damage, accuracy, and even range can be increased. You can find all these attachments when you level up the player and each of them will be given attachments such as Sight, Grip, and Ammo.

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To be able to access this, you can enter the Loadout menu after which you can freely change characters, weapon skins, perks, and various cool features.

Many Familiar Game Modes for Veteran FPS Gamers

Call of Duty Mobile presents many game modes that you can try, such as Death Match, Bomb Mission. Of course, with a variety of modes like this, veteran gamers, especially FPS gamers, are familiar. You can even enjoy one of the popular modes, namely Battle Royale, in this game.

However, you must be at level 8 first before you can play the battle royale from Call of Duty Mobile. Interestingly, the battle royale from Call of Duty Mobile is adapted from the Call of Duty Blackout mode so that it is a bit similar to the rules of Apex Legends. So that players who lost in the game can come back to life.

Settings that can be adjusted easily

Well, this is the most important thing! For those of you who come from games like Battle Royale behind PUBG Mobile or FreeFire, you can easily adapt to this game right away. Because this game has the same button settings so you can easily adjust the buttons according to what you want.

So gamers who move from the next game can immediately use the 2-finger, 3-finger, even up to 4-finger technique to be able to use the mainstay technique to win the game. In addition, this game also has an auto-aim feature that makes it easier for you to attack enemies.

Some differences between PUBG and Call of Duty Games

Player Character

The big difference between the two games is how they create the player character. In Call of Duty, all characters are dressed only in the military. Meanwhile, in PUBG, players get more freedom to customize the appearance of the character from skin color, hair, and so on. But this freedom makes players in the game look ridiculous. The players competed to wear strange clothes such as chef clothes, robes, even just a bikini. On the one hand, Call of duty tries to make players feel like killing machines that are highly trained on missions. Meanwhile, PUBG gives players the choice to look serious or as simple as they want.


Generally, these two games have different philosophies. PUBG is getting tighter, serious, and old-fashioned, while Call of duty is taking a more arcade approach. In many aspects, the games are very similar, but a few things make the gameplay feel very different. Both games have either first-person or third-person modes. One difference is that PUBG lets you switch between the two from the on-screen buttons as often as you like. Third-person mode allows you to peek at the corners or edges of players without exposing your character to enemy fire. However, some players choose not to have that option and prefer to play in the first-person mode.


Conclusion for this game is quite perfect for the mobile version of the FPS game. HD graphics, multiple mode systems, and easy-to-understand button settings make this game even easier to enjoy, both for FPS veterans and novice gamers, especially gamers who have migrated from games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire.

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