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1503960cookie-checkNoita, Physics-Based Roguelite Enters Early Access September 24th

Noita, Physics-Based Roguelite Enters Early Access September 24th

Nolla Games announced that their side-scrolling, physics-based roguelite, Noita, will be entering into Early Access on Steam starting September 24th. The announcement was accompanied by a pretty cool trailer showcasing how the per-pixel physics simulation works and how players will be able to manipulate said physics throughout the gameplay experience.

Players take control of a powerful mage who can manipulate and control certain kinds of physical, liquid, and magical properties in a world governed by pixelated physics.

So what does per-pixel simulation mean? Well, it means that every rendered pixel on screen has its own “weight”, and thus it can be affected by changes within the environment, such as destroying pillars or scaffolding, manipulating the ground so that you can create liquid tunnels, or blowing out support beams to cause an entire structure to topple over.

It’s probably hard to imagine how this all plays out just based on text, but thankfully you can see it all play out thanks to the trailer below.

You’ll journey through a procedurally generated dungeon-maze, where you’ll encounter different enemies and secrets the deeper into the dungeon you travel. Every time you play the dungeon will be different, with different enemy locations and puzzle-traps setup to test your ability to adapt and evolve.

The physics-based pixel simulation allows for all manner of traversal and impromptu solutions for interesting problems. You can swim, or you can drain the water from a subterranean lake, or you can burn through a barricade to get through the other side, or even flood a cavern where jumping or running across the impasse aren’t readily available solutions.

Another cool feature for Noita is that you can create and craft your own magic spells, helping aid you along the way the deeper into the dungeon you traverse.

While the pixel graphics are fairly crude for the characters and objects, the physics-simulations look pretty sweet and it would be nice to see more games allow players to manipulate the elements and their environments in more emergent ways.

You can look for Noita to enter into Early Access starting September 24th, or you can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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