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1505060cookie-checkThe Surge 2 Story Trailer Sees The World In Turmoil

The Surge 2 Story Trailer Sees The World In Turmoil

Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for The Surge 2 just ahead of its September 24th release at the end of the month. The trailer is the story trailer, focusing on the game’s story and what role the player-character assumes in the events that unfold.

The trailer outlines how humanity is withering away, and that the only choices humanity have left are eternal life or oblivion.

We see that the parasitic nanites from the original The Surge continue to spread around the globe like a plague, forcing the player-character into a tumultuous situation where they have to fight to survive against freaks, biohazards, and mechanical monstrosities.

You can check out the trailer below.

I have to be completely honest here, I don’t like that there’s a world at stake as opposed to the more personal journey from the first game.

In the original you played a guy who was a cripple who was undergoing a procedure to utilize a cybernetic exoskeleton to improve his mobility. That personal journey took a harrowing turn when the exoskeleton he was given turned out to be a combat rig, and the facility where he went to get the procedure done fell prey to an experiment gone awry and was overrun with the previously mentioned nanites.

In the first Surge the story escalated as the journey progressed, going from a simple task of survival to trying to prevent the Creo Corporation from destroying the planet.

Maybe The Surge 2 will keep its story grounded at first and expand thereafter, but the personal touch is what I thought helped bring the first game down to a more believable and desperate level that made players feel more attached to the action. We’ll see if Deck 13 can accomplish that same feeling with The Surge 2.

You can look for the game to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting September 24th.

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