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1505460cookie-checkYuji Naka Teases That He’s Making A New Game With Square Enix

Yuji Naka Teases That He’s Making A New Game With Square Enix

Partnering up with Square Enix back in 2018, Yuji Naka looks to be making a game already with the company according to a new tweet. No word on the art style or perspective have surfaced yet, but the upcoming title is an “original action game.”

If you say you don’t know who Naka is, that needs to change right now. He’s the guy behind titles such as Sonic, Phantasy Star, Burning Rangers and more. Additionally, here’s a portion of Naka’s portfolio of games:

Programming Work:

  • Spy vs. Spy — 1986
  • Phantasy Star — 1987
  • Phantasy Star 2 — 1989
  • Ghouls ‘n Ghosts — 1989
  • Sonic the Hedgehog — 1991
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 —  1992

Programming and Producer Work:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 — 1994
  • Sonic And Knuckles — 1994
  • Nights into Dreams — 1996

Producer Work:

  • Burning Rangers — 1998
  • Sonic Adventure — 1998

Director and Producer Work:

  • ChuChu Rocket! — 1999

Producer Work:

  • Samba de Amigo — 2000
  • Phantasy Star Online — 2000
  • Sonic Adventure 2 — 2001
  • Sonic Advance — 2001

Director and Producer Work:

  • Sonic Advance 2 — 2002

Producer Work:

  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg — 2003

Now that you know Naka’s work, he took to Twitter to announce that he wants to make an “original action game” with Square:

I won’t lie, it scares me when Naka says in the tweet that he wants to develop a game that everyone around the world can enjoy. Coupled with Square Enix and its ethics department only spells disaster, but we’ll see.

Lastly, the “original action game” is currently under development and will likely gain a trailer sometime in 2020. Hopefully, Naka’s old ways of appreciating the beauties of life best any current year obstacles like during the OG Xbox days:


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