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The Beast Inside Gameplay Walkthrough

Illusion Ray Studio and PlayWay’s The Beast Inside is a horror-puzzle game featuring laser scanned environments to bring the world to life through photogrammetry, and a story that intertwines two protagonists with survival-horror elements and combat-based gameplay. If you picked up a copy and were looking for a little help in completing the game, there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

The Beast Inside reminds me a lot of Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, but instead of being an FMV mystery-horror, it’s a 3D survival-horror experience. The Beast Inside is currently receiving rave reviews from actual gamers, and is available over on the Steam store for $24.99. If you’re interested in the game designed by the Polish indie outfit, but you’re not keen on laying down cash for the game just yet, there’s a free demo you can download as well.

For everyone else looking for a little help and guidance through the game, you can check out the Beast Inside gameplay walkthrough series below courtesy of CJUGames.

After selecting a new game and choosing your difficulty, you’ll be treated to a short cinematic where we see a man mutilating a head and then taking an axe to a raven-haired chick.

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

After another cinematic featuring Emma and Adam, you’ll appear in front of a manor.

Press Tab to open your inventory.

Your objective is to take the boxes on the front porch upstairs.

Open the door first, and then grab the box and take it upstairs. There’s a table just behind the stairs on the second floor. Place the box on the table.

Go to the desk and take the pole hook for the attic and pull the attic hatch down.

The attic latch is locked.

Emma will tell you to fish the key out of the drawer in the kitchen.

The drawer in the kitchen is empty.

Emma will tell you to get the key out of the trunk of the car.

Go to the driver side door and open it and then pull the trunk latch to open the trunk. Take the key out of the trunk.

The Beast Inside - Attic Key

Use the key to open the attic door and then examine the statue on the shelf. Go up the ladder and take the crowbar. Also open the chest and take the axe out of the chest.

Climb down the ladder and go to examine the paint can on the shelf above the work bench. The paint can will fall and loosen a plank on the floor. Use the crowbar to lift the floor board.

Examine the cipher on parchment and then rotate it around and examine the code: “J=C”

Use the decoder disk to decipher the letters from the cipher.

The code to open the lockbox is: Faith

You’ll find Nicholas’ key inside along with a diary.

The Beast Inside - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Uninvited Guest

The game will travel back to the 19th century and you will take on the role of Nicolas.

Go into the living room area and take the matches and items out of the drawers, as well as the items on the night stand by the front entrance.

Take the kerosene and the lamp from the shelf. Light the lamp to use it to navigate the room.

Take the photo from the other nightstand and then pr5oceed to drag the chair out of the way to get into the study.

Examine the land pre-emption contract on the desk. Turn the check over and examine the note on the back of the check.

Move the chair out of the way and take the kerosene from the bottom cupboard.

Light some of the candles around the room to light up the room and then proceed upstairs to check the bump in the night.

The window will fly open – go over to close it and a man outside will be standing on the front lawn.

Go downstairs and outside.

Your next objective is to go to the shed just west of the house.

Drag the items out of the way of the shed’s door. However, you’ll need to cut the bolts off the shed’s door. You’ll find bolt cutters on the side of the shed in a broken wheelbarrow.

The Beast Inside - Bolt Cutters

You’ll need to manually squeeze the bolt cutters to open the shed’s door.

Inside the shed examine the newspaper.

After reading the newspaper, go over to the workbench and examine the blood on the table and the hat.

Go back inside the house and you’ll see a jump-scare man in the foyer.

Proceed through the double doors that lead into the kitchen in order to make your way to the basement.

You’ll find another kerosene can inside the top drawer of the tea cabinet.

From there, go to the hall that leads to the basement and move all the furniture out of the way to get to the basement door. Use the bolt cutters to cut the lock and go down into the basement.

Take the kerosene cans and matches on the shelves and desks around the back way of the basement to your left.

Once you collect the items, follow the blood trail through the furnished obstructions.

Continue to take the matches and there’s a metal door where the blood trail stops.

You can’t get through that door, but there’s another door blocked by a large shelf. Move the shelf over and a pair of shears will fall onto the floor. Take the shears.

You’ll need a lock pick kit to the door.

Make your way back up the stairs and use the shears on the black roots blocking the basement door to make a pathway out of the basement.

Head back to the second floor. There’s an open briefcase with a key inside on the desk by the window. Take the key and open the door.

A cinematic will play.

Chapter 3

After the cinematic ends, Chapter 3 begins.

Exit the room and go downstairs.

Talk to Emma.

She will direct you to go into the basement to fix the fuse.

You can examine a letter on the desk and then head into the basement.

Before you can explore the basement you need to grab a flashlight from the attic.

Head to the second floor, make your way into the attic and examine the cherub.

Near the arse you’ll find questionable liquids.

On the shelf next to the ladder you’ll find the flashlight. Take it.

Go into the basement, remove the cloth over the old table.

Go over to the fuse box and take the shed key from inside the fuse box.

You’ll need to go outside to the shed to find a fuse in the shed.

Head around the fence that leads to the shed and go inside.

Examine the bloody shirt and the quantum localizer in the box.

The Beast Inside - Quantum Localizer

Bust out of the shed and equip the quantum localizer. Aim it at the direction where the green bars line the edge of the screen.

The percentage numbers at the bottom of the localizer screen indicates how close you are to a quantum cloud.

Use the left mouse button to scan a cloud or use the right button to send out an impulse to detect quantum clouds.

You can also use the the quantum localizer to charge up an EMP blast and fire it at the anomaly.

Head to the front of the house and toward the gazebo. Examine the rope and grappling hook under the bench inside the gazebo. Neutralize the quantum anomalies using the EMP charge and then make your southeast toward the ladder.

Equip the grappling hook and throw the hook at the ladder to pull the ladder down.

Equip the quantum localizer and scan the anomaly in front of the closed gate.

Head left and follow the path around to the loose planks blocking the gate. Pull the planks off and make your way across the path to the bloody rock. Jump down and head left to the barn.

The Beast Inside - Locked Barn

Make your way around the pathway by following the fences toward a slope with a box.

Push the box over to the slope and jump up the platform to reach the quantum anomaly. Scan the anomaly inside the hay.

Charge the EMP and destroy the quantum anomalies around the barn.

Examine the hay and you’ll find a hunting knife lodged inside the knife.

Use the knife to cut through the ropes on the gates and head around to the other side of the barn.

Use the grappling hook to pull down the ladder and make your way up to the roof of the barn. There’s a plank that will lead you inside.

Examine the deer carcass by using the grappling hook on the ladder above the barn entrance.

Take the bolt cutters on the tool bench on the side of the door.

Use the bolt cutters on the sliding door near the back of the barn. Inside the storage room there’s a box you can use to push underneath the ladder.

Climb up the broken ladder, use the knife to cut through the rope to drop the disemboweled deer.

Examine the spilled guts of the deer and take the fuse out of the intestines.

Travel back to the house.

Go into the basement and put the fuse back into the box.

The Beast Inside - Painting Walls

After a short cinematic, you’ll have to paint the walls, move over a piece of furniture and indulge in yet another short cinematic.

Go into the hall and answer the phone.

Listen to the radio message.

Head into the study off the living room and sit down at the chair.

You’ll need to follow the instructions by reading them on the cryptography machine.

Open up the device, and put the II cylinder in first, the IV cylinder next, the V cylinder goes in the third slot, and VIII goes in the fourth slot.

Set the cogs to: 2, 14, 6, 22

Open the bottom cover and then hook in the plugs with: A – F, G – Z, and R- T.

The Beast Inside - Cryptography

BPFLUP is the password.

Once you get done setting up the enigma machine, you’ll need to decrypt the code.

Examine the piece of paper and the code table for row 17 will be the decipher you need.

You’ll need to reconfigure the cogs inside the top of the machine to: I, IV, VII, V

Configure the cog numerals to: 5, 19, 03, 10

The plugs at the bottom of the machine should be: S-T, G-Z, X-O

The decipher should be “Trust no one but yourself”.

Examine the contents inside the drawer.

The Beast Inside - Floorboards

Chapter 4

The next chapter will begin and you’ll be back in the role of Nicolas.

Head back upstairs and examine the note on the table from Maria.

Examine the broken watch on the nightstand by the bed.

Go into the broom closet and remove the rug from the floor.

Crawl under the floorboards until you heard the footsteps. Stop moving when you see the dust and hear the thumbs from above.

Keep crawling until Nicolas falls into the office.

Examine the newspaper clipping regarding the mine; examine the amulet on the nightstand with the Victrola.

Take the revolver from the other nightstand along with the lock pick kit.

Pick the lock to the study and exit into the living room.

Go over to the corner cabinet where the belt of Nicolas’ father is stashed; examine the belt and the hidden message on it. Exit the living room and make your way to the basement.

Use the lock-pick kit on the door in the basement. Break the planks and make your way through the crawlspace.

You’ll reach the dead end in the space and then you’ll need to go back the other way, the man will pull Nicolas through the wall.

Take the pipe on the ground along with the gear under the shelf. Use the gear on the mechanical door and wind the crank to exit the room and head back upstairs.

Head outside and follow the blood trail across the bridge toward the inn.

Go inside the house and there are some bullets on the table and load up the gun.

Make your way toward the hotel by following the blood trails on the ground and across the bridge. Run toward the hotel and shoot the judge whenever he appears. Pay close attention to the biaural sound to hear which direction he comes from.

You’ll also find some ammo inside a broken wheelbarrow as well as inside a shack leading toward the Hillside Inn.

Keep following the blood and the signs, picking up ammo and kerosene along the way.

When you reach the hotel you’ll have to engage in a boss fight.

Aim for Judge Norton’s head.

Keep your distance when he does the AOE attack and be sure to dodge his axe throw.

You’ll need about 20 shots from the revolver to kill Judge Norton. Aim for the head.

You’ll know he’s near death when he starts to summon hell fire to rain down on your position. Be sure to run away to avoid getting consumed.

Chapter 5: They Are Watching

Go to the hallway and phone David.

Go back into the office and take the quantum localizer.

After the short cinematic go outside and use the quantum localizer at the back of the house. You’ll find an anomaly behind the tree.

Use the EMP on the anomalies in the trees and then scan the quantum cloud.

Head further west of the house toward the broken fence and the dilapidated treehouse.

Yank open the fence and make your way toward the treehouse.

Whip out the quantum localizer and impulse scan the area. You’ll need to use the grappling hook on the ladder after yanking off the planks and pulling out the box to climb up the platform.

Jump across to the first treehouse and then go up the steps and jump into the open hole of the other treehouse.

Adam will spot the spy across the other treehouse and a chase will ensue.

Use the bolt cutters on the trap door and then go down and chase the spy into the mine.

Use the bolt cutters on the chain, and make your way into the mine entrance.

The Beast Inside - Russian Mines

Head around the ledge and the Russian spy will kick Adam in the face and into the water.

Swim through the tunnel and make your way out of the tunnel and into the next area on the other side of the mine.

Travel across the thin wooden beam, complete the quick-time event and then head across the ravine.

Proceed left toward a shack. Move the aluminum plate out of the way, go underneath the hole, use the bolt cutters to free the ladder from the chain.

Go back outside and pull the ladder down. Go inside, open the chest and take the machete.

Go over to the orange shrubbery and use the machete on the shrubbery.

Whip out the quantum localizer and follow the signal toward the broken white fence. Follow the sign across the bridge and past the sign for the “Tower”.

Use the EMP on the anomalies and then scan the quantum cloud.

Make your way down the crevice and then there’s a small slit in the rock surface off the path and go through the cave and come out on the other side.

Make your way across the bridge and follow the white paint stains through the small cave and up the other side of the mountain.

Inside the rickety old treehouse there’s another quantum cloud you can scan, along with a message from the Russian spy.

You’ll need to trek toward the Hillside Inn. Follow the path toward the red tent on the hill, which will lead you to the inn from Nicolas’ segment.

Proceed past the red tent and use the machete on the orange shrubs and head up the rickety old planks. Use the rocks in the bucket to knock the backpack off the tree ledge and then head down and through the cave exit to retrieve the backup, which contains climbing rope.

Go around to the mine shaft when you reach the inn and use the rope from the backpack to rappel down.

The Beast Inside – Rappel

Go through the tunnel, use the grappling hook on the ladder, climb up top and you’ll make it inside the grounds of the burned down Hillside Inn.

The Russian spy will be inside the ruins.

Go around left and there’s a way inside the inn.

There’s a safe on a broken staircase but you’ll need to spin the safe around. Before you can do that proceed onward and through the ruins. Break the plank, head up the steps, take the broken kerosene lamp.

Grab the rod and go back to the safe. Spin the safe around and a short cinematic will play.

You’ll need to find a code for the safe. A passage from the Bible is located in the corner. Read it.

A notebook with the potential combinations for the safe are located in the other room. The safe combination code is: 7516

Chapter 6: Who Was Walter Gilman

After reading through the journal you’ll be transported back into Nicolas.

Inside the Hillside Inn, you’ll need to make your way to the reception area. A notice beard will reveal some additional information.

If you attempt to get into the janitor’s room you’ll need a key and to make your way to room 207.

The Beast Inside - Hillside Inn

Make your way through the halls and up to the second floor. Only one of the rooms on the first floor can be entered and you’ll find a kerosene canister in a box.

Go upstairs and attempt to get into room 207, but a short cinematic will play. Go back down the hall and there’s another room where the door opens up.

You can also examine some of the other rooms for additional gear.

In any case, inside the room with the open door, go over to the hole in the floor and a ghost lady will grab you down into the room below.

Go through the hole in the wall and knock over the shelf to create a ramp to get back up to the other room with the hacksaw.

Use the hacksaw on the lock chain to get into room 207.

Read the janitor’s letter on the desk and take the keys for b-wing and room 106.

Exit out through the balcony and venture across the bridged ladder.

Inside the hallway, go to the end and the window sill will have a key for wing A.

Exit the door and read the note on the door.

The password for the padlock on the door that reads “Do Not Open” is: ANGER

The Beast Inside - John Booth

Pull the cabinet over to the hole in the wall, go into the next room, proceed toward the next room that’s covered by vines. Go back into the previous room and the zombie corpse will get up. Quick-time kill the zombie and take the shears to use them on the vines in the next room and then proceed across the balcony into the next area.

Check the desk to get the keys to the other rooms.

There are a few clippings you can read in the bedroom.

When you exit the office a ghastly specter will chase you.

Run to your left and then run through the halls and then through the hole in the wall and then push the bookcase down the steps and use the key to get into the janitor’s office.

Take the key on the wall to room 202.

You’ll need to access room 203, though.

Exit the janitor’s officer through the window.

Head up the debris and enter back into the hotel through the window.

When you get into the hallway there’s a zombie man guarding the hall.

Wait for him to walk away from the hall and then make a mad dash down the hall and into room 202.

Quickly close the door and throw the shelf over to block the door to prevent the zombie man from getting inside.

Exit room 202 from the balcony and enter into room 203 and read the diary.

Watch the cinematic, gather up the supplies and then exit the room by moving over the cabinet and exiting through the hole in the wall.

The Beast Inside – Hellscape

Follow the path until Nicolas has to move a tipped over cabinet, which results in a fat man with a chainsaw chasing him. You’ll need to run like a mad man possessed with fear.

Make your way out of the hotel after picking the lock and running through the shacks and the mine pathway until you jump into the hole to complete the chapter.

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