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Watchers, Free-To-Play Battle Royale Game Set In 1960s Goes Live

Alawar Premium and developer Blindfold announced that the isometric Battle Royale game themed around 1960s survival, called Watchers, is currently live right now and free-to-play over on the Steam store.

At the moment the game has a rather solid user score, sitting at the “Mostly Positive” notch on the review spectrum. The game sports up to 24 players in an arena at a time, where you’re able to acquire projectile weapons, make use of tricks, get your hands on melee gear, and unlock up to 86 different cosmetic rewards across 60 character levels.

The game comes with 30 different skins, eight types of melee weapons, 22 base avatars, five emotes, and five gravestones for when you kill enemies in the game. You can check out the launch trailer for Watchers below.

Now some of you might be thinking “What makes Watchers any different than every other annoying free-to-play Battle Royale game?” and to that I would say you’ve asked a very pertinent question.

Other than the isometric view the game is pretty much identical to all the other cash-in titles within the sub-genre… save for the “Watcher” feature.

Unlike other Battle Royale games where you go sit on the side-lines and wait for the match to end, in Watchers you become a specter, a ghost, an ethereal apparition that can modify and manipulate the match in unforeseen ways.

Watchers can activate anomalies, utilize bizarre experiments and take advantage of the 1960s-influenced sci-fi thematics to alter the outcome of the match.

I just wish there was a higher player-count given that 24 players seems kind of low. But maybe with some proper feedback and enough support Blindfold will double it up and bump the count up to 50? We can hope.

The game is currently available right now to play, for free.

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