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Atelier Ryza Update Adds Photo Mode, Puni Companion, Weasel Roast

Gust rolled out a brand new update for Atelier Ryza, which includes a new Photo Mode, as well as various patches and fixes to some of the game content.

The first major feature that Gust and Koei Tecmo introduced as part of update is the Photo Mode. This will allow you to customize the camera and snap a photo using the in-game assets.

You can select the location, the pose for the character, and the camera angle before snapping the shot. You can also add multiple characters in different poses and positions throughout the frame. You can top it all off with a screen filter, ranging from sepia and sunset tones to blur and bokeh effects.

You can see what the Photo Mode is like and some of the features that it offers with the trailer below.

Beyond the Photo Mode they also added the Weasel Roast high-score challenge, which allow you to unlock new items by completing the challenges and setting new records.

The free content doesn’t end there, though.

They added the feature to raise a puni companion.

Once you get a hold of the little critter you’ll need to gather supplies, feed it, and help it grow.

Eventually the puni will embark on a journey and it may come back with items. It’s like sending your spirits into caves in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The update for Atelier Ryza is available right now. It originally dropped on November 19th, so your game should update to the latest version.

In addition to the free content, there were also various fixes being made to the game as well, including some of the battle and quest bugs, a progression bug for the Chinese language version, and a map-freezing bug when moving from the Secret Hideout to the Hidden Clearing.

Some of the display setting issues have also been fixed, along with a few other adjustments to improve the overall playability and performance.

With the addition of mods on the PC version, Atelier Ryza is looking like one of the best outings in the franchise in quite some time.

You can pick up a digital copy for PS4, PC or the Nintendo Switch.

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