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Below The Stone, Dwarven Roguelite Struggles On Kickstarter

Strollart Studios’ Below The Stone is a roguelite set in a Dwarven cave. Players will take on the role of the dwarves as they attempt to mine, fight, and gather resources in the pixelated survival sim. However, it looks like time is running out on the Kickstarter campaign for the game and the developers have just under 10 days to go to scrape together nearly $5,700. did a quick article detailing the game and its content, covering what makes it tick and why gamers might want to take an interest in the title.

The core concept is that it’s all about digging deep underground. While this seems like a common feature for most roguelites or games similar to Terraria, the hook is that the upper layers of the caves contain missions and quests that your fellow dwarves will want you to complete, and as you complete them you’ll earn loot and gear.

This all sounds like basic fanfare, but the hook is that much like Made In Abyss, there are deeper layers in Below The Stone, and as you go deeper, the monsters get stronger, the horrors become more apparent, and the risk of dying elevates greatly.

While lots of riches and potentially invaluable resources are located deep down in the darker layers, if you die you will lose everything.

There’s a seesaw of decision making that the game throws the way of players, forcing them to think about if the risk to journey deeper is worth losing everything for.

I don’t know how well this will be implemented, but the concept is nice.

I just sort of wish we had these hardcore roguelites but with a more serious coat of paint on them, like Blasphemous, Valfaris or the little known 2.5D side-scroller, Fallback from Endroad, which is currently available over on Steam.

In any case, if you like what Strollart Studios is cooking up in the form of Below The Stone, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information. The game has less than 10 days to go and is not even halfway to its goal, but maybe it’ll end up on Steam Early Access and finish development there. You can actually wishlist the game over on the Steam store right now, ahead of the completion of its Kickstarter campaign, for better or for worse.

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