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1569620cookie-checkChronexia YouTube Channel On The Verge Of Termination Due To Copyright Strikes

Chronexia YouTube Channel On The Verge Of Termination Due To Copyright Strikes

Anime reviewer, critic, pundit, and content creator, Chronexia, was hit with multiple copyright claims on November 25th, 2019, and he attempted to submit counters for the claims, but they were rejected and turned into copyright strikes. Multiple videos were hit with multiple claims as well as multiple strikes, resulting in Chronexia’s channel being put in jeopardy of termination on YouTube.

On November 28th, 2019 Chronexia tweeted out that his account was basically on the verge of termination after receiving six copyright strikes and all of the appeals failing to get them removed.

For the naysayers or people who thought that it was all a joke, he followed it up on November 29th, 2019 to showcase that tons of his videos were hit with copyright claims.

To further discuss the future of his account and what may happen to it, Chronexia took to to explain that he’s going to Japan on Monday, December 2nd, for business. After that everything is up in the air as far as his YouTube account is concerned.

He’s thinking about moving over to Twitch in the interim (not that he has much of a choice) and will be streaming there until either his account gets restored or terminated for good.

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In the meantime he’s been heavily promoting his Patreon account because he won’t be making any money from his YouTube channel in the interim.

We’ve seen a skyrocket of copyright claims from many Japanese studios against manga and anime-themed channels, so this isn’t too surprising. Whether or not YouTube will come down on the corporations’ side or Chronexia’s side remains to be seen. It’s basically a toss-up with them whether they like your content or not. I imagine so long as Chronexia didn’t fawn over fan-service or lolis they might remove the copyright strikes against his account.

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