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New Super Mario Land Homebrew Releases For SNES

A flashable ROM has released into the wild featuring a homebrew of New Super Mario Land for the SNES. Yes, if you have the know-how and a little bit of time on your hands (and a working SNES) you can play a completely remade version of New Super Mario Land…. for the SNES.

There’s an SFC ROM that clocks in at 2.0MB that you can download from over on

The ROM file for New Super Mario Land is available as a zip file and as a torrent.

You can see the game in action courtesy of SmokeMonster.

This homebrew remake of the Gameboy classic in the style of the Wii version of New Super Mario Bros., was actually made public thanks to a Twitter thread by user ChronoMoogle, an archiver and retro gaming enthusiast.

The homebrew remake was shown a lot of love on the social media service when ChronoMoogle dropped the information on November 20th, 2019.

After showcasing some images of the cart running on a Japanese Super Famicom system, ChronoMoogle explained that he was privy to the development of the remake, and that he had played a few prototypes ahead of the semi-official release of the homemade remake.

However, due to copyright reasons and to avoid attracting the wrath of Nintendo’s legal department, he wisely avoided mentioning the name of the creator behind the project. He also showcased the four-player cooperative mode, which was carried over from the recent iterations of Nintendo’s platformers and made available as part of the homebrew package even though it’s for the SNES.

The game utilized the assets from the New Super Mario Bros. games and implemented them pre-rendered sprites. Rasterization and parallax mapping were all applied to give the impression of the game being in 3D, not unlike Sonic 3D Blast or Super Mario RPG.

Now if you’re planning on flashing the ROM to a cart and playing it on an SNES, RetroRGB offered some links to video tutorials to help you utilize the proper tools and procedures so you can play this homebrew game on a real SNES console.

YouTuber amoore2600 goes through the process of flashing New Super Mario Land to a Nintendo SF-Cassette using the SanniCartReader and Arduino, which you can check out below.

Some people are also using the ROM and modding their SNES Classic to add New Super Mario Land to the line-up of Nintendo’s new-age retro console.

Alternatively, anyone who doesn’t care about the physical presentation of how the game is played will likely find that an emulator will get the job done just as well.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL)

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