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1571680cookie-checkShenmue 3’s Official Launch Trailer Recaps Old Events And Shows Off New Characters

Shenmue 3’s Official Launch Trailer Recaps Old Events And Shows Off New Characters

Shenmue 3 is gearing up to hit the market on November 19th, 2019. Seeing that the action-adventure game is a week from launching on PC and PS4, Deep Silver and YS Net have conjured up an official launch trailer recapping what has happened while showing off new faces.

Ryo Hazuki will continue his adventure later this month, despite the whole timed exclusivity deal, fans will be able to go hands-on with the game either on PC or PS4 in the next six days.

To promote the game like any other publisher and developer watching their baby go forth into the wild, Deep Silver and YS Net have a new launch trailer showing the rivaling between Lan Di and Ryo Hazuki escalating, and the latter encountering new faces.

We even get to see what looks to be a new female antagonist in red that proves there are two mount Everest on earth. Anyway, you can watch the newly posted English and Japanese videos right here:

“The latest trailer is now up! Relive the Shenmue III story beginnings and get introduced to some of the colorful characters you will meet as the story goes on!”

I guess the following can fit into the spoilers category, but although Shenmue 3 is coming out for PC via the Epic Games Store and PS4 later this month, it seems as if this isn’t the last installment.

What will secure the next installment? According to an interview that Yu Suzuki had with website back in August, the following is what will help secure the next game in the series:

“If Shenmue 3 sells well it will make things easier [with Shenmue 4], but I think it will rely more on what kind of partners we will be able to secure.”

Suzuki wants to make the next Shenmue game but needs Shenmue 3 to sell well, despite already pocketing Tim Sweeney’s Fortnite money.

Speaking of Sweeney and Fortnite, Shenmue will launch on the Epic Games Store on November 19th, 2019, which is the same day as its PS4 due date. Steam users will have to wait, and will get the game a year later sometime in 2020.

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