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1567610cookie-checkDisco Elysium Devs Praise Communists Marx And Engels During Game Awards Speech

Disco Elysium Devs Praise Communists Marx And Engels During Game Awards Speech

The developers of Disco Elysium, ZA/UM, ended up winning the game award for “Fresh Indie Game” of 2019 during The Game Awards, which aired on December 12th, 2019. During the speech, the developers went up on stage to thank Communists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news after the video began spreading around the internet. You can check out the five minute clip below courtesy of, where a very uncomfortable Reggie Fils-Aime stood in the background.

If you’re unable to watch the video, the speech starts at the 5:05 mark, where Helen Hindpere from ZA/UM started but then was interrupted halfway through…

“We’d like to thank all the people that came before us, [interrupted with: Repin, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Viktor Tsoy] and Marx and Engels for writing us the political education. Thank you!”

They were rightfully ripped a new one by the comment section on the video, which did not take kindly to the developers championing Communists in a speech about a game that only became popular due to capitalism.

This kind of backwards logic seems to be rife within many of these far-Left cliques that don’t quite seem to allow common sense to click. If they championed Communism so much, why don’t they just give their game away for free then?

It was also funny because the creators of the pro-Communist comic book, Crowded, complained about the fact that a bunch of pirates downloaded the comic instead of people buying it!

Can you honestly believe that? These people are angry that people didn’t support them via capitalism while they continually rag and complain about capitalism.

That is the definition of entitled.

Sankaku Complex pointed out that it didn’t stop there, though. Kotaku took the opportunity to signal boost the Communist Manifesto in their article praising Disco Elysium, where they wrote…

“[…] If you’ve played Disco Elysium, which features the vocal talents of the members of socialist podcast Chapo Trap House, you may not be surprised by these references. If not, I encourage you to read The Communist Manifesto, which is about how a ghost called “communism” is haunting Europe. It’s pretty radical.”

Even YouTuber Micah Curtis railed on Kotaku for supporting the Communist agenda.

We’ve always known what the agenda was of the far Left but a lot of Centrists have been making excuses for it. Sadly it won’t finally click for a lot of people until it’s too late, and they’re sitting in their China-style cargo pod, listening to Chapo Trap House on the radio and guzzling down soy avocado pie with peppered tomato slices and freshly squeezed oranges from Mexico, all while their family members get gunned down outside for pocketing one too many soy beans from the local Star Bucks monthly meal dispensary.

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