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1568370cookie-checkOverwatch Movie Or Cartoon May Be Possible In The Future, According To Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch Movie Or Cartoon May Be Possible In The Future, According To Jeff Kaplan

While I’m sure Jeff Kaplan can argue with any fan from Sunday to Saturday about what qualifies as a sequel, it looks like he dreams of making the game that has an excessive amount of fan fiction and social justice content, Overwatch, into a movie or cartoon.

For those of you scratching your heads and thinking, “Why does Overwatch need a movie or cartoon?” Well, let me remind you that Blizzard is no stranger to the movie industry.

With that said, despite something not deserving a film, given that the Chinese loving Blizzard has connections to Hollywood — in that they made the 2016 flick Warcraft — don’t rule out Overwatch gaining a silver screen adaptation.

Now since all of that is laid out, publication site GameRant picked up on Edge Magazine‘s latest issue that sees Kaplan going on about his wishes and dreams with Overwatch and turning it into something that can go beyond the games industry.

Anyway, here’s what Kaplan had to say about expanding Overwatch thanks to GameRant:

“Jeff Kaplan has stated that he dreams of seeing Overwatch expand in more than just a sequel. He has stated to Edge Magazine that spinoffs such as cartoons or theatrical releases may be in the future for Overwatch.”

Behold, the website also sees Kaplan pondering over the idea of Overwatch having spin-off games. However, the idea of more games in the universe of Overwatch sounds like it hasn’t taken off as per the publication site:

“On top of that, he has speculated about what other types of games would fit into the Overwatch universe, with different ones for different characters. Despite talk of different game types, Kaplan has not mentioned other developers taking the Overwatch cast of characters, new or old, for a spin.”

Moreover, GameRant notes the concept of Overwatch jumping over to another art medium isn’t one out of the norm, given that the first game’s announcement came in the form of a short film.

Personally speaking, I could do without another social justice title spreading itself around the world like a cancerous disease. However, what do you think of Blizzard and Kaplan wanting to make an Overwatch movie or cartoon?

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