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Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Walkthrough and Choices

There’s still plenty to do and find as we approach the final chapter of the Diaz brother’s story. The final chapter is called “Wolves”, and here the choices you have made throughout the game will shape the end of your journey. Choices made up until now have already contributed to what the game’s conclusion will look like for you, however in our Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 walkthrough we’ll show you the final choices, consequences, and collectibles available.

Be warned there will be complete spoilers for every Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 choices and consequences. Every option, collectible, and achievement will be shown until the journey’s conclusion. We will also show you all of the seven available endings to the game, however, some of them might be unavailable based on your previous decisions and Daniel’s own sense of morality. 

If you have followed our Life Is Strange 2 Walkthrough series by the end of this guide you should have 100% completion. Here we will find the six final collectibles, and the nine remaining achievements, they are:

  • The Magic Place – Collectible #1
  • The Age of Reason – Collectible #2
  • She Wolf – Collectible #3
  • Remorseful – Collectible #4
  • Dead Man’s Bones – Collectible #5
  • Boundaries – Collectibles #6
  • Specks Of Dust – Find All Episode 5 Collectibles
  • Out Of Ink – Start Any Drawing in Episode 5
  • Homeward Bound – Complete the Final Episode

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 Walkthrough:

Chapter 1 – New Dawn/Sand People

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The “Wolves” episode starts with Sean and Daniel at the top of a canyon, as they talk and do their team howl. The brothers will sit down and Daniel will open up about his fear of Lisbeth, his insecurities, and their place in society. There is a bonding moment when Sean tells the last part of the “Wolf Brothers” story, here Daniel contributes to the final piece of the story if you respond “Yeah, that’s true.” when he says it’s his story too. Dialogue choices here don’t affect gameplay directly, they can strengthen or loosen the brother’s relationship, but you might get different answers depending on Daniel’s morality.

For our final drawing achievement “Out Of Ink” as soon as you are back in control, look back to Sean’s left and choose to draw, before packing up your sketchbook. Here you can also gauge if your brotherhood is strong if Daniels says:

  • “That’s so cool… I don’t want you to stop drawing” – High Brotherhood
  • “We’ll see about that” – Low Brotherhood

You can also measure Daniel’s morality if you choose to draw him as “Chilled” or “Badass” by his response:

  • “Oh, man… I do look like a mighty superhero! That’s so cool!” & “Jeez! Do I really look that evil? He looks more like a supervillain…” – High Morality
  • “Oh, yeah! Now that’s a badass superhero you don’t wanna mess with!” & “Yeah, that’s cool… but he doesn’t look as badass as me” – Low Morality

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Once the brothers start packing up to leave, Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5’s first meaningful choice comes when Daniel begins messing with the scorpion, there are three outcomes here:

  • Sean reprimands Daniel for messing with the scorpion & Daniel stops
  • Sean reprimands Daniel for messing with the scorpion & Daniel keeps messing with it
  • Sean doesn’t reprimand Daniel for messing with the scorpion

The first two choices set a moral example for Daniel, even if he disagrees, while the latter will set an immoral example for him. After that dialogue you will walk down the canyon, and as soon as you fall down a small ledge keep to your left for “The Magic Place” collectible/achievement.  Walk all the way to the edge and look straight at the shiny object ahead, then ask Daniel to grab it.

1 15
2 15

Still, on your way down ask Daniel to remove the rocks from your path with his powers. A brief cutscene of the desert will play and you’ll be back in a small town. Once in control, you can interact with the “Crops” and the “Water Tank” in front of you. From there look behind one of the Crops with a “Sticker” on the post, look at it and then pick it up for the “She Wolf” collectible/achievement. Now go straight ahead, to find Arthur & Stanley and give them their telescope back.

Once your conversation with them is over, Daniel will radio in and ask about them and how he saw them kiss. You have different options depending on your relationship with Finn earlier in the game. However, the dialogue here doesn’t affect the game directly. Keep moving straight from Arthur & Stanely’s house and check on Daniel building the structure.

Upon finding Daniel, Joan will talk to Sean about being an artist and taking a chance. Here you have two choices with different outcomes, these choices affect your relationship with Daniel.

  • Agreed to help & let Daniel set up Joan’s sculpture as he wanted – Strengthens Brotherhood
  • Agreed to help, but interfered with Daniel’s choices – Strengthens Brotherhood
  • Chose not to interfere – Weakens Brotherhood

You can check out Daniel’s preference by mirroring the model that is below you to the left, once you are at the vantage point. Once the brothers finish Joan’s statue, Daniel will suggest to Sean a treasure hunt. Here you have two options:

  • “Okay” – Agree to the Treasure Hunt
  • “Too Beat” – Refuse Treasure Hunt

Accepting and completing Daniel’s treasure hunt is important for the relationship, but it also ensures you get “The Age of Reason” achievement/collectible. You can refuse, or give up during the treasure hunt, but it will weaken the relationship between brothers, and you will need to come back for the collectible for 100% completion.

From where Daniel is standing look left into the Windmill, make your way over there and at the base, you will find a set of rocks with a hidden clue inside. If you have trouble finding it, check the images below, but it is pretty straightforward. From there head all the way back towards the trailer from when you arrived, behind it there are three solar panels. You will find the clue attached in the back of the panel in the far right. 

Clue #1

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3 16

Clue #2

4 12

Head right from the panels into the cars in the junkyard, until you see the piled-up cars in the image below. Go up to the cars and look underneath them to see a shiny golden object, that is your treasure. Pick it up for your third collectible and achievement. If you feel lost, backtrace your way, and follow the images above and below.

5 5
6 1

A cutscene will play where the brothers do a victory dance, and then Karen’s car will pull up. Go over to David and Karen and start a conversation, after helping them unload the car there will be a dialogue with Karen that doesn’t have any huge repercussions. Sean will talk to David, and when asked “How many kids?”, David will tell the story of Chloe or Joyce from the first game. (If you have a save file). Take the groceries inside, and here you can check on Brody, Lyla, and a USB filled with memories of friends and family.

Go outside and talk to Karen about life in Arizona, your trip to the canyon and get ready for the next chapter.

Chapter 2 – Fire Flies/Away

Follow Karen up the canyon, and once up there the three of you will sit down and Karen will thank the boys for sticking around with her. You have the chance of asking questions and learning from Karen, you can also ask her to go to Mexico with you, but the end result is the same. A touching family moment ensues and a new day begins.

Come morning time Karen will sit and talk with the boys about their next moves, and how to make it to the border. She’ll tell you that she’ll give you a head start by letting the police catch her for what happened in Nevada. After the conversation ends, you’ll have free roamed, and can say goodbye to the people around you. The following interactions are available:

  • Note to Karen
    • Write a caring note to Karen – Contributes greatly to getting closer to Karen
    • Write a conciliating note to Karen – Contributes slightly to getting closer to Karen
    • Write a lukewarm not to Karen – Contributes slightly to keeping distance from Karen
    • Don’t Leave a note to Karen – Contributes greatly to keeping your distance
  • Say goodbye to Arthur and Stanley
  • Say goodbye to Joan – Ending can be affected by helping with the sculpture or not.

I recommend doing these actions before talking to David if you are interested in any of them.

Now for your fourth collectible and the “Remorseful” collectible/achievement, go out of Karen’s trailer and around David’s. It’s the silver one right in front of Karen’s. Behind it, by the antenna, there is a pile of junk you can interact with, look at, and then choose to take it.


Before going to check on David you can talk to Karen while she fixes the truck. When you are ready, knock on David’s door and he’ll hand you a police scanner. Life Is Strange 2 police scanner puzzle is simple, you’ll have to find the frequency between 140 and 160 (154.85 to be precise), when done go outside to talk to David. He’ll talk about past events from the first game, and the possible choices Sean might have to face. The choice will come down to Sean choosing “want a new life” or “turn me in”. While this seems like an important decision, it serves as a prelude regarding what’s to come for players.

As you say your final goodbyes one of the most important Life Is Strange Episode 5 choices come up. When saying goodbye, you can choose to:

  • Hug Karen before leaving – Strengthens Brotherhood
  • Don’t hug Karen – Weakens Brotherhood

A heart-warming exchange or a distant one will happen depending on your interactions with Karen thus far, and now all that is left to do now is to leave for Puerto Lobos. 

Chapter 3 – Last Miles/The Wall/Cages

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As Sean and Daniel are driving through the desert they share their fears about the journey ahead with each other. Choose whatever you see fit for your story here, since it doesn’t truly impact the game. There will be a cutscene as you drive, and interact until you hit a massive wall in the desert. Arriving at the wall you’ll hear the bad news that Karen has been arrested, but that the whereabouts of the boys remain unknown.

Now for our fifth collectible and the “Dead Man’s Bones” achievement/collectible, when you regain control of Sean move forward and to the right towards the lonely grey rock. Once there interact with the stones by the Jerricans, they interact with it again and choose to pick it up. We are one collectible short of 100% now.


Turn around and walk towards the border wall and you’ll see a glowing blue icon that allows Daniel to try and destroy the wall. Ask Daniel to try, and he’ll fail at first, but with some encouragement from Sean, he’ll be able to do it. The brothers will run to the car so they can finally cross to Mexico, but Daniel will be shot by Vigilantes, and no matter what you do the brothers will be knocked out. Madison and her father will act like the brothers are terrorists trying to allow people to cross the border, ultimately the cops arrive and everyone is arrested.

From here you’ll find yourself inside a prison cell with Diego and Carla, while Madison and her father are locked up beside you. You can interact with the vigilantes, as well as the couple to learn more if you want to, but it doesn’t really interfere with the story in any meaningful way. Your next big decision will be during Diego and Madison’s argument:

  • Calmed Diego – Office Campbell comes in and takes Sean to interrogation
  • Didn’t Intervene – Officer Campbell de-escalates the situation by threatening to get mean

The outcome remains the same: Sean is taken into the interrogation room, and now Sean and Daniel’s journey throughout the game is reviewed. There’s no need to try and break the handcuffs since it is not possible, but you can try and interact with the environment if you want to. When the cop arrives with the coffee he will go over some key moments of the game, and the “crime spree” the brothers were involved in. He will specifically review your actions in the following moments:

  • Gas Station
    • Stole Gear
    • Attempted to Steal Gear
    • Ran Away
  • Lisbeth’s Situation
    • Was Spared
    • Was Killed

The interrogation will go on, and there aren’t any key moments to look up to here, just respond as you see fit. The interrogation lights will flicker and Daniel will burst through the door to rescue you. While not a decision itself, you can gauge Daniel’s morals by his reaction to Officer Campbell’s situation, if he worries he has high morality, if not he has low morality.

From now on the final Life Is Strange 2 – Episode 5 pile up at breakneck speed. Once out of the room you immediately have the following decisions:

Mexican Couple

  • Free the couple – No Effect
  • Don’t free the couple – No Effect

Free The Vigilantes

  • Asked Daniel to open their cell – Sets a moral example for Daniel
  • Didn’t ask Daniel to free them – No Effect

Take Revenge On Vigilantes

Daniel’s morality will determine if he accepts or refuses your request here. Exacting revenge only happens if Daniel has low morality at this point in the game.

  • Took revenge – Set an immoral example
  • Didn’t take revenge – No Effect

Officer Fatalities

  • Asked Daniel to execute the officers for your escape – Immoral example
  • You didn’t ask to execute the officers – No Effect

Now depending on your choices regarding the officer fatalities, the following outcomes are available:

  • Daniel kills the officers – Greatly contributes to low morality
  • Daniel knocks the officers out – Daniel reacts differently based on his morality
  • Daniel locks the officers in the closed – Brothers escape without harming anyone
  • Daniel intervenes because the officers got too close – Daniel’s morality influences his reaction, but this contributes to his immoral attitude.

As you are escaping the police station, “Boundaries” our final collectible/achievement of the game should be picked up. In the room where you deal with the cops to your right is a locked door, ask Daniel to open it, go inside and check the “Vigilante’s Bag” on the lower shelf. Interact with it by looking at it, and then pick up the flag and leave. The “Speck of Dust” achievement should also pop up, and you should have all the achievements from Episode 5 now.


Sean and Daniel escape the police station, jump into the truck and drive towards the border once again. The radio confirms the number of fugitives depending on the people you freed during your prison break. 

Chapter 4 – Independence Day

The brothers arrive at the border only to meet a barricade set up by Agent Flores. Here the final choices of the game present themselves, with a total of seven possible endings depending on your final choice and Daniel’s morality. But before this happens there’s a heartfelt moment between brothers, and before the final decision is made Daniel asks Sean about the ending of the “Wolf Brothers” story. From here these are the possible endings and their variations.

High Morality Endings


Sean tells Daniel the Wolf Brother’s story ends here, a reluctant Daniel says he can help and end things right there. Sean reminds his younger brother they are not criminals and can still do the right thing. The brothers’ surrender, and a montage showing Daniel’s life while Seans is in prison plays. Fast forward in time and we see Sean being released from jail with Daniel and Karen waiting for him.

Lyla Variation

It’s the same ending, but Lyla is present at Sean’s release if you have reached out to her during Episode 1 of the game.

Parting Ways

As negotiation unfolds Sean decides to turn the car on, which prompts the cops to start firing at them. A reluctant Daniel will use his powers to clear the path if asked, but once the path is free he jumps out of the car himself. A new montage plays and six years later we see Daniel opening a letter Sean wrote him from Puerto Lobos showcasing his freedom. We also see that Daniel kept in touch with Karen through the years.

Finn Variation

Given the right choices surrounding your haircut, dialogue, if you talked to fin at the hospital and ultimately the status of your relationship with Finn. This is just an extra image during the montage that just reflects your actions in the game.

Cassidy Variation

Cassidy will show up in the final montage if Sean listens to her sing, drinks with her, and allow her to cut his hair or choose his tattoo. The choice made romantically also influences this outcome, and she’ll be the one featured in the montage. Cassidy’s arc greatly influences your relationship with Daniel, and she can eventually get injured by your choices throughout the game.

Low Morality Endings

Blood Brothers

As they are about to cross the border Sean tells Daniel that they make it to the other side of the story. Daniel understands his queue and exits the car, Sean soon follows, and as the cops approach Daniel unleashes his power to clear a path, and stop the bullets. Daniel blasts everyone out of their way, and they leave in Puerto Lobo. The game ends with them restoring the Diaz Repair Shop. They use Daniel’s powers to fend off gang members and defend his brother.

Lone Wolf

At the deciding point when Sean tells Daniel the story ends here if he has low mortality this is the ending you get. Refusing to listen to Sean, Daniel locks the doors and uses his powers to drive the car across the border. As the brothers blast through the barricade the cops open fire against them, Daniel turns to Sean to say they finally made it to Mexico but he soon realizes his brother was shot in the neck. Daniel cries and implores Sean to stay but is too late, as his big brother dies.

The game ends six years after the accident with Daniel mourning his brother when he is troubled by gang members, who he quickly disposes of using his powers.

That is the complete walkthrough, we hope this Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 guide helped you complete your game. If you haven’t fulfilled your dose of Life Is Strange, check out our Life Is Strange: True Colors content, as we wait for the next entry of the series.

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