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1567410cookie-checkPokemon Company Granted Permission To Subpoena 4chan, Discord Over Pokemon Sword, Shield Leaks

Pokemon Company Granted Permission To Subpoena 4chan, Discord Over Pokemon Sword, Shield Leaks

The Pokemon Company has reportedly been granted the ability to move forward with a subpoena on 4chan to find out the identity of the person who leaked the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield content, which resulted in a public backlash against developer Game Freak, the makers of the Pokemon titles.

Sankaku Complex did a brief rundown of the story that they picked up from Video Games Chronicle, where there’s a link to the court order on Court Listener for Discord and 4chan to drop the details of the people who leaked and spread the information of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The order names a grant for a subpoena against Discord, 4chan, and DimensioNz.

This was also briefly covered by YouTuber Hero Hei.

Why is the Pokemon Company so riled up over these leaks? Well, it’s because it was discovered that a lot of the claims leading up to the release of the games on the Nintendo Switch about why there were fewer Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield didn’t quite hold up under scrutiny.

This resulted in social media trends claiming that Game Freak lied and that Pokemon Sword and Shield were cash grabs by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo.


Now the Pokemon Company is firing back by going after the people who allegedly leaked the details and made it public for consumers to be informed about what was going on behind the scenes for the two games.

It’s funny because even though there were obviously incensed gamers who did not purchase the game due to the information that came from the leaks, both games still managed to move 6 million copies during the launch week.

I wonder how far The Pokemon Company is willing to go to seek revenge against the leaker and what sort of precedent this could set for leaks warning consumers about potential scams in future game releases?

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