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4Chan Uncovered Identity of Potential Self-Proclaimed Serial Killer Who Targeted the Elderly

Normally I assume maturity on the part of my audience, but before going into the details of this story I need to provide a warning that what follows is truly sick and disturbing on a level that will either have you enraged or in an absolute state of disgust. As always until the police and FBI who are now involved finish their investigation the suspect has the presumption of being a sick twisted boaster who didn’t do anything other than put his power fantasy online.

Reclaim The Net fist picked up on the story that a PM was making its rounds around Reddit wherein the user LoveThisLife101 openly boasted about allegedly killing elderly Trump supporters and poisoning numerous others by giving them drugs that would intentionally dehydrate and potentially kill them.

In the original message, it read…

“Hey, I work in a retirement home and care for lots of trump supporters in their last days. I can tell you with certainty that 11 people (all verified trump supporters) could have been resuscitated/prevented from failing had I taken the appropriate measures.


I am literally letting you fuckers die off. These people vote like 100% of the time so it counts. Here is the really sick part. Everytime I come on The Donald [r/TheDonald] and see something that fucking disgusts me (e.g. “It’s OKay to be White” postings) I note it and then take it out on a trump supporter in the home I work at (for example I have loaded food with diuretics, withheld medicine and simple provided the incorrect medicine).


Look, I know I am a sick pup… but so are each of you. I just wanted to let you know what I do cause I saw your post from today and I chose to watch a person die in response.


I hate you and hope to care for your family soon.”

It didn’t take long for 4chan users on /pol/ to track down the identity of the person as they quickly began attempting to scrub themselves from the internet like the cowardly filth he is.

Fortunately for all of his potential past and future victims /pol/ was able to identify him and archive all his works before notifying the FBI and Local Police who are now investigating the individual in question.


AMN Healthcare after being contacted were quick to issue a statement claiming they are internally investigating, but that he was not a clinician and attempt to dismiss the accusation entirely.

Many users began taking AMN to task over this claim. Pointing out how he very well had access to do exactly what he claimed he did.

For their part AMN Healthcare boasts about how they champion diversity over apparently vetting out mentally deranged individuals.


Without turning this issue into a soapbox moment, it does serve as the perfect example of why it is increasingly impossible to co-habitate with progressives. It is one thing to fight a culture war where they aim to undermine entertainment you don’t need to live, it is entirely another to go about outright killing elderly people.

One has to wonder how many other elderly have died by the hands of people smart enough to make it look natural and know to keep their mouth shut about it?

Sadly a lot of crime goes undetected towards the elderly. Elder abuse is reported in the United States to affect 1 out of 10 elderly with only 1 out of 14 reporting the abuse to authorities or a loved one according to the National Council on Aging.

Certainly one individual does not make every other member of the progressive movement evil by association. What this does highlight is the conditions within the progressive movement that foster this type of mentality and behavior. Along with the danger it poses to the innocent.

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