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1565430cookie-checkDoctor Who with an “Upgrade” Debuts to Worse Ratings For Whittaker

Doctor Who with an “Upgrade” Debuts to Worse Ratings For Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker’s time as Dr. Who has been plagued with underwhelming writing, lackluster characters, poor action sequences, and a slobbering helping of feminist gender politics in the hope of masking the stench from the rest of the meal. As a result season 10 of BBC’s Doctor Who saw a steep decline in viewership along with merchandise sales over the course of its run.

With an HBO deal being made the BBC began marketing season 12 as a return to form. The identity politics would be stopped, the action would increase with a spy thriller that would bring back on the series most iconic villains and this would be the fresh start for the female doctor.

Rather than fulfill the potential the character had, the episode again devolved right back into identity polices. Making sure that fans were aware the Doctor was now female and that it was an “upgrade”, before proceeding to bore audiences with more milk toast drama and bad writing.

Apparently fans didn’t buy into the nostalgia baiting as ratings for the season 12 premier came in at the lowest for Whittaker’s Doctor. Premiering at mere 4.88 million viewers during a time when even The Sun admits most people would still be off from Holidays to see the premier. The topic was also covered by Clownfish TV.

For some perspective her debut as the Doctor received 9 million views and while 4.88 aren’t the lowest ratings the series has ever had it is right in there.

Perhaps if the studio focused less on identity politics and more on writing and action, scripting Whittaker’s time as the Doctor can at least end on a high note. As it stands if ratings don’t improve, HBO — much like the toy licensees — are going to begin having second doubts as to their contractual agreement for the show.

If the season premier’s writing is any indication the rating will likely continue their downward trajectory setting new lows in the series history, but since season 14 is already bought by HBO for HBO Max it will not be able to make the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List just yet.

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