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Knights of the Old Republic Reboot Rumors Reemerge

Star Wars movies following the financial and critical disaster that was Rise of Skywalker may be on hold, but if rumors from Cinelinx are to be believed the gaming scene is soon going to be flooded with a plethora of Star Wars projects. Before continuing a quick reminder despite the source’s past credible history these are still rumors until otherwise confirmed.

Cinelinx previously broke the news that a reboot of the original Knights of the Old Republic was in development. Subsequently, when the game was put on hiatus he was one of the first to have this news as well. With a track record of delivering accurate news on the project, it is likely when he now says the project is back on that it is true.

Two independent sources have relayed to Cinelinx how the project has been revived at Bioware. Rather than be a full Reboot as originally planned they’re going to make it a re-imagining of sorts. Further elaborations were not forthcoming, likely due to the early stages of development the project finds itself in. Adding more credence to these rumors is Disney’s introduction of Revan into the official canon and along with talks of KOTOR movies.

The news was also covered by YouTuber YongYea.

In Rise of Skywalker’s visual dictionary, one of the newly introduced legions of Sith Troopers is dubbed: Revan’s Legion. Those who know KOTOR’s lore will also understand how this is entirely canon breaking. Revan at one point became a powerful Sith Lord. Using the Star Forge he was able to match the Old Republic in military might and even the Jedi struggled to match his prowess. It would take the betrayal of his apprentice Darth Malak to topple him from power. Afterward, he canonically turned to the light side before heading off to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to fight an enemy that was unknown and unseen.

Demonstrating yet again Disney’s inability to plan things through with any competence; Revan’s introduction to canon comes with the issue that he is honored as a Sith. It is unfeasible that the Sith would continue to honor a man who betrayed their very ideology. This renders his namesake to be indicative that he remained a powerful Sith Lord.

Arguably it would be an amazing experience to see the Sith rendered as something other than lawful evil, naturalists, or the thinking man’s good guy. A journey where it is okay to be a Sith rather than the evil road or the bad ending path would offer an interesting new counter perspective to the Star Wars universe. Showing the Sith side of the philosophical argument between Sith or Jedi. Yet neither Disney nor Bioware have demonstrated any capacity to deliver the level of brevity that would be required to make such a narrative feasible.

Additionally, and unsurprisingly, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has sequels in development. Rather than cashing in with an expansion there will be at least two games produced in the setting’s lore. Reasonably one will be a direct sequel and presumably, an RPG could be in the works as well and will borrow the Fallen Order moniker for sales purposes.

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