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1563210cookie-checkNetflix’s Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2045 Trailer Has Terrible Music And Unappealing 3D

Netflix’s Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2045 Trailer Has Terrible Music And Unappealing 3D

Netflix attempting to co-op Japanese anime is something we’ve seen slowly creeping up over the years with their various adaptions, re-releases, originals, and most recently their partnerships with Japanese production studios. Their latest effort is a co-collaboration with Production IG and Sola Digital Arts to bring Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2045 to the streaming screens, and oh boy is the first full trailer a hot mess.

First and foremost, the music for the trailer is atrocious. The theme song is done by Millennium Parade and it’s called “Fly With Me”. The song was made specifically for Ghost In The Shell: Stand Along Complex 2045, according to King Gnu.

The music sounds terrible, though, and most of the people in the comment section seemed to agree. You can listen to it for yourself in the trailer below.

The music combined with the terrible 3DCG made for an all-around unwelcoming experience, with over 67% of the votes from most YouTubers being downvotes.


So it’s not like it’s just my opinion that the trailer sucks, it’s the majority’s opinion.

But what makes it so bad exactly? Well, the major issue is that the aesthetic is all wrong. The character designs are too kiddy. It looks like a Disney Plus show.

Ghost In The Shell used to have a much harder edge to its art-style to match the hardcore sci-fi themes.

This time around everything looks kind of bright and glowing. The maps for the specular highlights on the edges are glowing too much, which gives the character that awful plastic look that comes with a lot of 3DCG works. There’s also too much gradient layering for the shadows – it’s too smooth. They needed a higher contrast between the dynamic shadow layers so that the lighter parts are really light and the darker parts are really dark in order to emulate the look of the old anime.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out the clip below from the famous opening sequence of the 1995 film.

Notice that the entire color palette is essentially variants of gunmetal set against sangria backdrops.

This gives the entire scene that cold, hard, futuristic look. It’s great for setting the mood of being cyberpunk without anyone being told it’s cyberpunk.

Netflix’s 3DCG abortion is anything but cyberpunk.

If you weren’t told that it was supposed to be Ghost In The Shell you probably never would have figured it out on your own until you caught a glimpse of the Tachikoma, which looks more like a Pokemon mech than the fearsome droid from Shirow Masamune.

And don’t even get me started on the stilted and completely uninspired animations and lack of danger with the action sequences. It looks like some lame TV-PG crap.

But whatever, I could go on all day about what’s wrong with the trailer, the art-style, the character designs, the backdrops, the lighting, the shaders, and the camera work, but it’s all moot anyway.

You can look for Netflix Asia’s abomination to hit the streaming service in April.

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