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Vic Mignogna Addresses Allegations, Calls Out Backstabbers At Funimation

Actor, devout Christian, and anime voice-over specialist Vic Mignogna has been dragged through the mud for years, and recently he finally fired back at the people making false allegations about him and his former colleagues who backstabbed him in hopes of getting him kicked out of the voice-acting industry.

YouTuber Kurono posted up the near 13-minute video clip of Mignogna, who talked about a wide number of topics, including advising YouTubers to step away from the matter altogether if they’re being harassed for discussing his situation, and completely shooting down the falsehoods that he assaulted or behaved inappropriately around the alleged victims. You can view the video below.

Later into the video Mignogna discusses how just a week before the #KickVic campaign started Jamie Marchi was all smiles when they spoke in the Funimation lobby. He also talks about how he almost called Monica Rial when Funimation made it known they were going to do an investigation into the allegations against him, because he originally thought that she was his friend and that he could confide in her. However, it turned out that both Rial and Marchi were the ones organizing the groundswell around the #KickVic movement.

This all led up to Mignogna getting fired from Rooster Teeth and Funimation, and later filing a lawsuit against the people responsible for the #KickVic campaign.

The short of it is that Mignogna seems to finally show that he’s fed up with all of the nonsense surrounding his case and the ridiculous liturgy of liars who have made it their own personal religion to publicly defame and deplatform those outside of their inner circle.

The attacks on Mignogna likely won’t end unless he wins the lawsuit, which would prove that the Cancel Culture Cultists can no longer be allowed to get away with organizing career lynch-mobs to carry out the dirty deeds on behalf of quasi-equality dilettantes.

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