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1559310cookie-checkA3! Anime Will Resume Airing New Episodes Starting April 27th

A3! Anime Will Resume Airing New Episodes Starting April 27th

The fujo-bait anime A3! Season Spring & Summer was one of the various media projects affected by the coronavirus. There are now reports indicating that the show will resume airing new episodes starting April 27th, 2020 this spring.

The news comes courtesy of the Oceania streaming service, Animelab, who posted an updated on their Twitter thread informing followers about the status of the anime on February 23rd, 2020.

As mentioned in the tweet, they will completely re-air the season starting over with the first three episodes on starting April 6th, and then on the fourth week, the fourth episode will air on April 27th.

The original reports indicated that A3! would be delayed all the way to April due to the coronavirus affecting the production.

Details on how the production was affected was not made readily clear nor divulged, but the general assumption is that production was disrupted due to the quarantines in China affecting the outsourcing studios who work on the animes airing in Japan.

If broadcasting is resuming for some of these shows – including A Certain Scientific Railgun T, which will resume airing on February 28th – then it means that either quarantines are being lifted, or the production committees have found another outsourcing partner to help finish the work on the anime.

The coronavirus spread hasn’t slowed down any, though, and even more countries and regions are being infected, as discussed by Veritas Bear on BitChute.

Regardless, the A3! anime is now scheduled to air again, so the fujoshis can get back to watching their favorite show.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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