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1561410cookie-checkBirds of Prey Goes Broke on Opening Weekend

Birds of Prey Goes Broke on Opening Weekend

Yet again in tired played out fashion another movie has demonstrated that telling your audience that your movie tackles “toxic masculinity” and men need not come is a great way to go broke. Hardly a surprise to anyone given the tracking for Birds of Prey was abysmal with theaters empty across both the US and Mexico, but the movie’s opening weekend is now officially a bust grossing a measly $79,750,000 worldwide on a budget of $84.5 million.

At first, glance that would appear to be a solid box office. Never going to reach the levels where it becomes a smash hit, but certainly, after another week it’ll break even right? Not really as that is the gross, not the net. Using the 60/40 metric the net sits at $‭38,550,000‬ globally. Without factoring in the marketing budget the movie would need to more than double its projected net generating another ‭$45,950,000 before breaking even on the production costs alone.

Why did the movie fail? Well, once again the media is reaching for every possible excuse ranging from poor designs that didn’t incorporate the actual Birds of Prey from the comics. Others are contending that it should have been marketed as a Harley Quinn movie rather than a Birds of Prey flick. Some even contend the hard R-rating is to blame. Anything to avoid mentioning telling your audiences the movie tackles “toxic masculinity” by having women going about shooting guys in the dick with such an overtly feminist message that even mainstream critics cannot deny it, doesn’t make money.

Even people lying in a catatonic state are able to muster the brainpower needed to understand the nuclear effect telling your audience your movie is tackling toxic masculinity will have. Immediately the male audience — excluding those with testosterone counts at Buzzfeed levels — are not going to see it. The female audience who will be conscious of how they are perceived will either have zero interest in seeing the movie as a result of preferences or will refuse to see it lest they are then associated with anti-male rhetoric.

When movie stars are dumping their girlfriends for being too woke, you know the trend has been long-running. Yet time and time again directors, producers, and stars will get on their soapboxes and preach to the audience how they are impure wretches that need to be saved by Hollywood. Who of course nobly took investor money and spent it to elevate themselves socially to lecture the rest of the country.

That is where this will end, not with people jumping on the anti-woke bandwagon, but from investors refusing to fund anyone remotely associated with anything approaching woke. Until then many more movies like Birds of Prey will join the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List.

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