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Hazumi And The Pregnation Miraculously Manages To Launch On Steam

There have been a few games released on Steam recently that leave me absolutely baffled as to how they managed to escape by Valve’s usually ardent taste police. From Cute Puzzle SP to the newly released Hazumi And The Pregnation, we’re somehow seeing some rather out-there fetish games miraculously release on Steam and avoid the Waifu Holocaust banned game list.

Mihiraghi’s visual novel RPG sees players taking on the role of Hazumi, a young girl who runs low on money and decides to get into the line of work as a prostitute in order to support herself. This all takes place during a global infertility crisis, which forces new re-population communities to sprout up, giving Hazumi an opportunity to make plenty of cash. However, things take a drastic for the sex working neophyte when she ends up getting pregnant shortly after dabbling in the sordid field of body-based work.

Players will have to navigate Hazumi through the ups and downs of pregnancy while also still helping her to make bank so she can take care of herself and the baby.

As showcased in the trailer, the game isn’t just about the out-of-sex RPG mechanics, but also about the actual sex itself. During the act, you’ll be able to choose how Hazumi behaves and what actions she takes during the fully interactive sequences. The better Hazumi performs with a client the more she gets paid.

You can use the money to purchase accessories or upgrade Hazumi’s pad, all of which affect her stats, which in turn help her to perform her duties as a prostitute even better.

The challenge comes in with Hazumi’s pregnancy, where morning sickness, lactation, and postpartum periods can all affect her performance.

I think part of the reason Valve allowed the game on Steam is because one of the obstructions in the game is a menstrual cycle – if you don’t time your clientele services correctly then Hazumi could end up in a situation where she’s having her period. So gamers will have to work around these setbacks and maximize Hazumi’s body for its most efficient use as a sex-for-profit factory.

The game also has detailed x-ray scenes and birthing scenes, but there’s an option to disable these sequences from the in-game menu.

I’m guessing the anti-boner content in the game is what led Valve to give Hazumi and The Pregnation the green light.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from the Steam store ( need to log in to steam to access it ) for only $11.99.

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