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Infinite Dendrogram Airings Postponed Due To Coronavirus

Yet another anime has been hit by the kung flu known as coronavirus. This time it’s Naz’s Infinite Dendrogram that’s on the receiving end of an indefinite delay of new episodes due to the coronavirus quarantine taking place in mainland China, which has affected many studios in the PRC that do outsourcing work for Japanese anime.

The news was shared via a tweet from A.I.R., on February 18th, 2020, where they linked to the official Infinite Dendrogram website that rolled out the official news about the delay of episode 7 in light of the deadly virus taking China by storm.

Over on the site it states…

“As always, thank you for supporting the animated TV program Infinite Dendrogram.


“This notice is regarding the 2/20/2020 (Thursday) scheduled broadcast of episode 7 ‘Duel City’.


“At this time, the world has seen an expansion of the coronavirus “COVID-19” infection and with the effects of the virus and production circumstances, out of necessity, the broadcasting of episode 7 has been postponed. To the fans and everyone else, we deeply apologize.”

They then go on to list the rescheduled broadcasts for Infinite Dendrogram, where the first episode will be re-aired on February 20th. Streaming services will re-air episode 6 on February 20th, 2020 at 23:30pm.

They will announce when episode 7 will air at a later date. The post ends with them thanking fans for supporting them and apologizing for the inconvenience of delaying the airing of new episodes of Infinite Dendrogram, which now joins other anime such as A Certain Scientific Railgun T and A3! in being indefinitely delayed due to coronavirus affecting Chinese production companies that handle outsourced work for Japanese studios.

Game productions such as The Outer Worlds for the Nintendo Switch were also affected given that the studio doing the port has their offices located in the quarantined area of China. The newest James Bond 007: No Time To Die even had its premiere cancelled in China due to the coronavirus. Thus, showing that the viral outbreak is not only greatly impacting China’s local economy but foreign economies as well.

(Thanks for the news tip Andrew Siribohdi)

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