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1561310cookie-checkOutriders Reveal is Painfully Generic On All Levels

Outriders Reveal is Painfully Generic On All Levels

Not always, but there are times when you can spot a flop coming right out of the door and Outriders from People Can Fly fits that description to a ‘T’. In the name of fairness the reveal trailer could be just atrocious, but what little game-play is showcased just looks like generic fantasy powers spliced into a science-fiction version of Bulletstorm.

Not everyone is going to take an interest in philosophical thought, history, or endeavors. At the same time, the average person can spot a half-baked ideological paradigm masquerading as something deep.

What truly makes the entire marketing slogan painful isn’t how it feels like something a marketing team cooked up without the use of any drugs or creativity enhancers, but the exact same theme has been explored ad nauseam and is currently being explored better in an anime called Radiant. That sees a somewhat mature exploration of the idea of individuals getting powers they didn’t want and how the world views their kind. Spoiler the protagonists do not immediately go murder hobo on everyone and anyone.

Rather it sees the protagonist Seth carrying a childish worldview that a single source of conflict is responsible for the discrimination in the world, but at the same time this view is in fact underlain by actual principles and when the world pops the main character’s bubble it impacts the character’s personality, mood, and motivation. There is a charming growth that comes from Seth’s attempt to realize his ideology and how it matures over time.

In stark contrast, you have Outriders go “we got powers and lost our humanity,” let’s fight for our right to survive and murder hobo everyone in our path. I wouldn’t even categorize Radiant as that mature of an anime what with its comedic moments and a rather simplistic way of thinking at times, but it is a masterwork in a philosophical treaty compared to this trailer.


A trailer that has generic music set to generic scene cutaways that showcase generic fantasy powers that you’ can go play Skyrim or any number of other RPGs and experience. All while showcasing characters you’d swear are from Destiny. With alternatives like Remnant From Ashes available already offering powers with co-op, there is little reason to get excited for Outriders.

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