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Outriders Review, Shooter Game with Enchanting Story Plot

Game developer from the Polish capital, Warsaw, namely People Can Fly, has released a new game debut. Previously, they participated in developing the Gears Of War franchise. This time they developed a Third-Person Shooter-themed game with a Sci-Fi theme in 2021.

People Can Fly managed to invite a studio as well as a well-known publisher for the JRPG theme game, Square Enix, to participate in developing this game called Outriders. Outriders were released on April 1 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC platforms.

However, there were several problems that arose when the first full version of this game was released. Many players have complained about the server and the connection often dropping by itself. People Can Fly finally closed the Outriders server for a while, unfortunately, there was no confirmation from the developer about this problem.

Apart from all the problems that existed at the beginning of the release of this game, we will explore everything in this game, for those of you who are interested in playing this Outriders game, you are absolutely obliged to read the review that the author has made, enjoy.

Outriders Synopsis

Outriders game is set on a planet called Enoch, which tells about the journey of a group of people on this planet. On the way, they find a lot of humans who have mutated into terrible creatures who have supernatural abilities. These mutated creatures are named Altered, which in turn triggers a conflict between the humans there.

Gameplay (9.5/10)

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Because this game carries the theme of Third Person Shooter which does not only focus on the genre but focuses on a very interesting storyline, you can play this game in Solo or Multiplayer. If you play multiplayer mode, you can bring three more players to work together.

At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to create their own character, starting from choosing gender, hair color, accessories, eyes, and skin color. This game uses basic linear and not open world, one concept brought by this game is Looter-Shooter. This concept is also used by other shooter games.

Outriders will take you to shoot at existing enemies, and also loot on defeated enemies. The mechanics of this game are almost the same as in Gears Of War, considering that the developers of these two games are the same developer.

Later, you will be facilitated by 3 slots for weapons, which can be changed quickly, with easy controls to change weapons too. Because the AI ​​enemy is not silent, it makes you have to be able to move more actively than the enemy.

One thing that makes the author very appreciative of developers in developing the gameplay of this game is the enemy AI which is designed very uniquely, different from other games.

This AI enemy is programmed to adjust skills to the players, so if you get better, AI enemies will develop according to the skills you have, and of course, items will be harder to find. This is very interesting because the skill of the game will continue to grow and players will not get bored quickly.

Control (9/10)

This one game can really make players very comfortable with the game controls. The game control features are very easy, making this game really spoil the players.

Maybe because the gameplay requires player agility, therefore the developer is also focusing on better game control, especially the control in changing weapons which the author has discussed above.

Graphics (9.5/10)

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Unreal Engine 4 really cannot be underestimated, the visual quality provided by Outriders is stunning and deserves to be appreciated. The texture of the characters looks very real, a little advice for you, you can try playing this game with a TV/Monitor with 4K resolution, so you can feel the graphic quality of this game.

These good graphics combined with gore effects which are quite sadistic but eye-catching, it is highly recommended for you to try this game, don’t try it for those who don’t like gore.

Addictive (9/10)

Of course, the author dares to state that this game can really make you addicted, you will be spoiled by the graphics, effects, controls, and sounds in the game which is truly stunning. People Can Fly really provides the best experience in a JRPG game.

Moreover, the storyline is full of interesting plots to follow, so besides being spoiled by interesting gameplay, we will also be spoiled with storylines that will make us curious about the end of their journey.


Even though this game had server problems at the beginning of its release, Outriders still provides the best experience for players. For the Shooter Outriders genre game, it can be said to be the best to play.

There is only one thing that is unfortunate about this game, the linear concept carried by this game, makes players not free to shoot, if this game carries an open world concept, this game will truly be the best game this year. We highly recommend that you try this game, we give a 9.2 rating for this Outriders game.

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