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SnowRunner Videos Cover 40+ Vehicles, 3 Regions, Physics Changes

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive released a new trailer for SnowRunner, the follow-up to the very popular MudRunner. The trailer focuses on some of the locations you’ll be visiting throughout the game, as well as some of the vehicles you’ll be using.

The two minute promotional piece starts with a pickup truck in Black Forest, Michigan, where it then transitions into one of the many sandbox-oriented quests. In this particular case it’s a mission where you’ll need to retrieve a trapped vehicle from a specific location for the Husky Forwarding company.

Using a tow cable and a little bit of torque, you can retrieve the SUV trapped in the mud and then head to your next quest to make some dosh and upgrade your rig.

The next segment transitions to the Frozen Lake in Alaska. The scenery is quite different from the autumn-laced hues of Michigan. Here there are thin paths covered in thick snowy and icy trails that require a straight head and good tire traction.

The mission here is to help Dyson Diesel get their cargo haul to its specified destination… 701 meters way.

If you can complete it you’ll be given $12,000 for the work.

The music alone gives you a heads-up on just how challenging this particular contract will be, given that you’re essentially hauling a road train up a mountain.

SnowRunner - Dyson Diesel

The mission required a bit of secondary help from yet another tow truck, where it had to pull up the semi and get the haul to the top of the mountain.

The trailer ends with a tease of the four player co-op mode, where you and up to three of your buddies can team up to take on various challenges around the different sandbox maps.

There will be more than 40 different vehicles that you can use throughout the game, as well some of the customization for the vehicles, such as crane and utility add-ons, as well as being able to outfit and upgrade the vehicles with things like horns, lights, and chained tires.

You can get a look at all of the vehicles in a lengthy 16 and-a-half minute video courtesy of YouTuber SD1One.

The video not only covers all 40 vehicles in the game but also goes over the three major regions, each one having its own set of maps.

Alaska and Michigan will both have four different maps to traverse. The last region is Taymyr in Russia, which should surely get the blood pumping through the veins of the Ruskies who oh-so-dearly love the Spintires series. Taymyr, however, will only have three maps.

Each map, however, will be four times larger than the maps from Spintires: MudRunner.

The game is scheduled to release on April 28th for Xbox One, PS4 and sadly as a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store for PC.

PC gamers won’t be able to pick up a copy on other digital distribution outlets until April, 2021.

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