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1555560cookie-checkDrug Dealer Simulator Release Date Set For April 16th, 2020

Drug Dealer Simulator Release Date Set For April 16th, 2020

Movie Games S.A., has been on a roll lately. The company has American Motorcycle Simulator set to release soon on Steam, which features a burly straight white male soaking in all the fantastic culture the great mid-west has to offer, and they also have another game in the works that is the complete opposite of all the great things America has to offer.

Yes, the inner-city, crime-driven sim known as Drug Dealer Simulator has received an official release date of April 16th, 2020.

The Polish developers will attempt to give gamers a look into the seedy, criminal life of scumbags and drug dealers that make up the majority of the crimes in the U.S., attached to a demographic that only makes up 13% of the population.

If you were curious what it was like to live in a rundown, poverty-stricken part of a Liberal-run city, then you’ll definitely get to see what that’s like with Drug Dealer Simulator.

The game sees you taking on the role of a dealer, having to strike deals with distributors in order to gather your supplies and build up a customer base of degenerates and low-life scum.

You’ll basically get to witness what the urban decay is like on the ground level, selling drugs, dodging the authorities and attempting to eke by on a low-wage income from peddling paraphernalia.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would be all that interested in a game like this when you can just whip open YouTube in a browser and check out mobile phone footage of people walking around San Francisco to get a similar experience.

Even still, if the game caught your fancy for whatever reason, you can get in some play-time with a free demo that’s currently available over on the Steam store.

As mentioned at the top of the article, the full version of Drug Dealer Simulator is set to go live on April 16th, 2020.

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