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Hanger 13 is Gearing Up for A New Open World IP

This isn’t the same Hanger 13 that developed Mafia 3. Despite all the accolades and PR Take-Two lauded about the game, the reality of the situation was its success stemmed from shipped not sold. Companies that could return unsold inventory likely did so, and those unable to do so were saddled with thousands of copies they would have to pass off onto dollar stores.

The Result was bonuses were axed. Those who weren’t moved onto Bioshock were informed their services were no longer required at the company. Effectively the studio that created Mafia 3 is no more, but the branding stretches across four studios.

Focusing on diversity and activism appears to have made it difficult for the company to attract and retain the top tier talent they need to push out successful projects. Make no mistake those capable of commanding such positions have very little interest in putting up with the stress that comes with managing under-qualified individuals and then taking responsibility when the inevitable happens.

The listing, significantly more professional this time around, doesn’t provide details on the new game but does reference that it will be a new property with multiplayer.

We are looking for a highly seasoned Executive Producer to lead the development of a key new IP franchise at Hangar 13. This role will play a vital part in the successful delivery of a major new title, including post-launch content and future franchise planning. The ideal candidate will have experience at the highest levels of project leadership, building new IP, growing teams and supporting the creative leaders in the realization of their vision.

Though vastly improved over its Bioshock counterpart, the listing is not without its inclusion of progressive identity politics.

-An excellent communicator and emotionally-intelligent leader capable of rallying a team

We work collaboratively across our 4 locations to develop games as one global team. Each of our locations provides the opportunity to work on big-budget, AAA console in a diverse and inclusive environment!

Located just 45 minutes via train from London, Brighton is one of the UK’s most diverse and downright interesting cities.

Make no mistake if the Work Opportunity Tax Credits suddenly were revoked, the gaming industry would instantly have zero tolerance or interest in diversity. Take-Two’s sole interest in diversity lies in the thousands of dollars per diversity hire they get from western governments. Chiefly their aim is to get companies to not hire white males.

Until Take-Two decides to get out of the business of activism there is little reason to have any excitement for their upcoming titles.

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