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Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Goes Live

Capcom’s Resident Evil Resistance has entered into open beta, featuring six playable characters in a 1-vs-4 asymmetric PvP setup. There are various melee weapons and firearms to down enemies in an attempt to escape from a zombie infested area.

The open beta is just as the name says. It’s open for everyone and free to download for those of you who meet the minimum PC requirements. Just head on over to the Steam store page and click on the big green button.

Work fast, though, because the open beta will only be available between the end of March up through April 3rd. That’s for all regions.

Additionally, whatever progress you make in the beta will not carry over to the full release of Resident Evil Resistance. So don’t try stockpiling kills, or racking up credits, because it’s all pointless, Jefe.

You can get a glimpse as to what the actual gameplay is like thanks to a livestream that was uploaded by therealhard8times, which you can check out below.

The PvP works very similar to a player-controlled version of The Director from Left 4 Dead 2, which adjusted and modified the difficulty based on the performance of the gamers playing the game. The only difference is that it’s another player who is controlling the opposition instead of the AI, not unlike Battleswarm: Field of Honor.

Additionally, some gamers noted that January’s outfit underwent a change from the cinematic to the full game, with her cropped jacket and matching top from the announcement trailer now covering up her back in the full game.

I’m not sure what the reason was for going through that slight and unnecessary change, but given that Capcom has gone out of their way to turn Jill Valentine into an insufferable, Twitter-adjacent feminist with a foul mouth and a bad attitude, it was probably some louse in a meeting about the art direction saying that they needed to cover her up some more to avoid fictional critical theory terms like the “male gaze”.

Anyway, Resident Evil Resistance‘s open beta is currently live for those who want to check it out.

(Thanks for the news tip Johntrine and VersedGamer)

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