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SnowRunner Trailer Highlights Cargo Hauls, Truck Trailers

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive released a new trailer for SnowRunner, the upcoming truck simulator for home consoles and the Epic Games Store, this time highlighting the game’s focus on hauling cargo and attaching different trailers to the back of your rig.

The trailer only clocks in at 48 seconds long, but we get to see how the different modified trailers can alter not only the load you can carry, but also how the truck will respond to the extra load and how you’ll have to get around the bends and various road obstruction using expert driving skill without tipping the truck or getting stuck.

You can check out the video below to see the cargo and trailers in action.

As showcased in the trailer, how you load up the cargo and how you equip the trailer(s) will determine how the vehicle will handle, or whether it’ll be able to handle the load at all.

Since SnowRunner is physics-based, it means that mass distribution will come to play. Too much load on a vehicle without the torque to haul the cargo will cause the front to lift. Not enough traction will cause a vehicle’s back wheels to spin and the front to pop up. Or in some cases you might find yourself getting lodged in an incline without enough momentum to climb over.

Thanks to the realism in environmental simulation and vehicle momentum and traction, we get to see all different kinds of scenarios where some vehicles perform better than others under certain circumstances.

SnowRunner - Cargo Haul

We also see how the specialty vehicles can be utilized for very specific tasks. For instance, you can use the seismic hauler to track down oil deposits, or the tow to latch onto other larger vehicles and tug them out of mud pits or through snow mounds.

The game is certainly shaping up to be a worthwhile experience, it’s just a shame that the best version of the game – the PC version – is being restricted to a year’s worth of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store.

You can look for SnowRunner to make its debut on Xbox One, PS4, and the Epic Games Store starting April 28th. For more information feel free to visit the official SnowRunner website.

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