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1556480cookie-checkThunder Cats Roar Developers Trash Critics in Crossover Episode

Thunder Cats Roar Developers Trash Critics in Crossover Episode

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit I attempted to watch Thunder Cats Roar to review it. Without even managing to get past the opening I began feeling ill, nauseous, and with a distinct feeling something wasn’t right. Even though I noped out pretty fast it was too late as I had terminal cancer and died. Thankfully an evil cabal of sith cloned me back into existence, which was pretty nice of them.

Not just bad, but a vomit-inducing mess of narration and animation so bad the Central Intelligence Agency declined to use it as a torture mechanism citing concerns that it was too inhumane, along with a heightened suicide rate of the enhanced interrogators. Keep in mind these same monsters blasted Barney’s I love you 24/7 to get people to talk.

In all seriousness, though the show is categorically bad and currently it sits at a 1.8 on IMDB. No Ratings are available, but google trends reveals the show never acquired much interest and what little interest it achieved has been on the decline since launch.


At this juncture you’d think the executives and creative leads would take a step back and figure out what is working and what is not working in order to generate a profitable product. That after all is the cornerstone mentality of any healthy business. Especially when your overarching corporate structure is looking to consolidate its studios into a more efficient package and trim the fat. Cartoon Network decided to go in a slightly different direction. One that involved telling people they had shit opinions.

Reactions aside from the woke crowd were an immediate agreement that it was cringe with a heaping helping of sad and pathetic.

One has to wonder what both the developers and producers hoped to achieve with such a stunt. How many times have we watched as franchised died berating their critics? Yet each of them did so in interviews that the average consumer would never read. Here the creators have brought their squabble and drama into the forefront for everyone to see. Leaving it undeniable their maturity is nonexistent and their antagonism is real.

Owe well, there is always more room on the master list.

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