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2017 Study Demonstrates Critics Don’t Represent the General Audience

Wouldn’t you know it! The moment the free ride of industry money ended the media has turned on the blatantly deceptive marketing tool that Rotten Tomatoes has become. Be still my beating heart, but they’re also acknowledging The Last Jedi wasn’t as a good a movie as critics proclaimed it to be in their mad dash to elevate themselves above the unwashed masses that they view comprising their audiences, as noted by Forbes.

The news was picked up by ClownFish TV, who did a video about the revelation.

Naturally, it is all for show and anyone foolish to fall for the charade will be the same people saying when the outlets begin repeating their behavior how it isn’t happening again. Just as many did when the media was being converged. Through this Discord, an interesting study from 2017 has emerged demonstrating critics scientifically don’t represent the general audiences.

The study comprised of just about 3000 (2792) individuals compared their evaluation of various movies with evaluations of 42 critic sources. Determining with the exception of really horrible movies, the opinions of critics and the audience only matched up 3% of the time.

Even more meaningful the study was able to determine reviewers do occupy an echo chamber as many outlets and content creators have attested to for years.

“Interestingly, critics seem to be best at predicting the responses of other critics -individually or together – but not the responses of people. The best predictor of individual noncritic movie taste is aggregate individual noncritic movie taste.” -page 112

In fact, the study disproves the media’s notion that representational politics are a requirement to provide for coverage that is receptive to various demographics. The larger determining factor isn’t race, age, or gender, but rather if your opinion matched up with the group you are communicating with. Thus it matters very little if you are black, white, male, female, “Ma’am,” “Sir,” “Attack Helicopter,” “Grunt, “Maggot,” “proof against evolution,” or whatever your preferred pronouns and racial identity are when it comes to hiring; making it more important whether the individual actually syncs with the audience.

“we also showed demographic qualifiers do not matter much in terms of moderating these numbers, indicating that movie taste is an idiosyncratic quality – of the individual, not the demographically defined groups like age or gender.” -page 112

For this reason, it is obvious why leftist outlets have continued to fail and now need to attempt to pander to what they think the audiences want to hear. They hire their own ,which has been demonstrated to be scientifically an echo chamber of their own opinions, rather than employing a diverse range to represent the audience itself.

Ironically and painfully for our haters, that means scientifically speaking, niche outlets like One Angry Gamer who have a higher sync rate with their audiences are more valuable for marketers as their opinions on products or movies will be taken with a greater level of legitimacy by the audience. Resulting in a higher return on investment for the advertisers.

Better still it means a direct relationship with the consumer is better and more profitable than having an intermediary if said interaction is possible. If video game publishers continue to realize the media has no value to them during digital conferences that are being held as a result of the lock-down, then they will see there is no value of pandering to game journo pro controlled media. Something provable by the existence of the Master List.

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