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1553900cookie-checkBiped, Co-op Platformer Lands On PS4 April 8th

Biped, Co-op Platformer Lands On PS4 April 8th

Russian publisher META Publishing and Chinese developer Next Studios announced that their collaborative co-op puzzle-platformer, Biped, will make its debut on the PlayStation 4 starting April 8th following its recent launch on Steam for PC.

The game is one of those puzzle-platformers where co-op play with another person is necessary if you actually want to succeed.

You’ll have to work together to time your jumps, hop over obstacles, or activate mechanics in order to progress through the game. You can check out the PS4 launch trailer below to get an idea of how the game is played.

You may have noticed that there are a bunch of Asians in the trailer and one Ruskie. Well, that’s because the developers are Chinese and based out of Shanghai, so obviously that’s who would appear in the launch trailer.

Although it’s quite telling that there’s at least one white male in the trailer whereas if the trailer were made by an American studio there would probably be no whites and only a mixing of colors based on a palette themed around a box of chocolates.

Anyway, Biped reminds me of those classic PSX platformers from way back in the day. It’s a simple yet challenging concept where the co-op isn’t just tacked on but an actual necessity needed to complete the game.

If you’re not keen on supporting anything released on the PlayStation 4, you can also pick up Biped on the Steam store for PC for $14.99. The game has received a lot of positive feedback from the community with a “Very Positive” review rating.

Next Studios was also responsible for the fan-service heavy hack-and-slash side-scroller, Bladed Fury, which came out back in 2018. So they know their way around making competent and fun games, so Biped may be worth checking out if you wanted a wholesome game to play with the family.

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