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1552780cookie-checkCannibal Holocaust To Receive Video Game Adaptation Across PC And Home Consoles This November

Cannibal Holocaust To Receive Video Game Adaptation Across PC And Home Consoles This November

Often referred to as “video nasties,” Italian director Ruggero Deodato possessed a few of his own such as the 1977 movie The Last Cannibal World (or Jungle Holocaust) and the controversial 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust. Well, the fourth chapter to the latter picture will manifest as a game sometime in Q4 2020 for PC via Steam and home consoles.

I’m not sure if this game will have a controversial development cycle like the movie or if Deodato will be arrested again for participating as the game’s script director, but as it stands now, Cannibal Holocaust continues into the 21st century:

In case you are unaware of Fantastico Studio, as featured in the above tweet, the dev team is comprised of director Daniele Bianchini, creative director/game designer Andrea Valesini, and programmer Carlo Iurino.

Fantastico Studio’s work spans across the 2018 game Black Paradox, the 2019 game Rainbows Toilets and Unicorns, and now the upcoming game Cannibal.

The dev team claims that it will put the “raw graphic content” in its “interactive graphic adventure” for gamers and fans alike to enjoy. In other words, I’m not sure if it will strive to raise eyebrows like the movie or not, but we’ll find out leading up to the game’s November release.

Oh, on the topic of concerns, Cannibal will be developed using Unity and will also launch on mobile devices. With that said, you can check out the “reveal” trailer that shows off the original artist Solo Macello’s work right here:

As depicted in the “reveal” or teaser trailer, the game throwing folks back into the green inferno 40 years later will also land on the Nintendo Switch.

Lastly, seeing that the Italian trio likes to make pixel-based games, expect the upcoming fourth chapter of Cannibal Holocaust to mirror the same art style at launch.

You can learn more about this game by paying the team’s Twitter account or official website a visit.

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